Human Services

Human Services


Do you want to help people and make the world a better place? Do the ideas of collaboration, working to empower others, and serving your community excite you? Gain confidence and develop effective interpersonal skills while changing lives.

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Culinary Arts
Health Education
Legal and Community Interpreting
Learning Resources

Recommended First Term Classes:

* Course meets a CSU or IGETC general education requirement

Math – if your goal is an associate degree or transfer
Select a MATH class with the assistance of Counselor

English – if your goal is an associate degree or transfer
ENGL 1A*     Reading and Composition OR
ENGL 1AS*   Reading and Composition with Support

Explorer Course

Choose one
CULN 210
CULN 218
LCI 202

Description of Explorer Courses

COSMO 245: Introduction to Cosmetology
Intro to Cosmetology is your ticket to explore the exciting world of Cosmetology. Here, you will learn about the rich, historical, and current contexts of the beauty industry, explore exciting career paths that await you as a cosmetologist, as well as how personal development, effective communication, goal setting, time management, ethics, and social media all work together to interact within the world of a flourishing career in the beauty industry. Much of our class content will be informational, but we also delve into current trends as they unfold before our eyes. Industry professionals will be virtually visiting our class, we will be reflecting on important timely trends, and more than anything. . . we will be learning how a career in the beauty industry can improve our lives.

COUN 24: College Success
Know how college works! Take Counseling 24. In Counseling 24, College Success, counselors teach you about college culture – who to talk to, where to go, and what to care about – in order to graduate and finish college.

COUN 30: Personal Growth and Development
Know yourself to grow yourself! Take Counseling 30. Counselors teach you how to uncover your past, illuminate your personal strengths and address your challenges, to gain insight into your life to be the best you.

COUN 57: Career and Life Planning
Get your life! Take Counseling 57. Counselors teach you how to uncover your passions, research possible careers and present your best self to the world to accomplish goals and dreams and live a life with more intention.

CULIN 210: Introduction to Culinary Arts
Introduction to the many principles that make culinary- Art: explore various ingredients and their uses, develop knife skills, discover cooking techniques, become skillful in the science of safety and sanitation, navigate a commercial kitchen and equipment, build professionalism, and make delicious food.

CULIN 218: Ingredients and Equipment
Introduction to the latest ingredients and equipment used in today’s professional kitchens: Explore vital ingredients of the modern kitchen; fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, grains, dairy and more! The course includes important information on storing, handling, and processing ingredients for maximum flavor and shelf-life.

Legal and Court Interpreting 
LCI 202: Sight Translation
This is the best way to begin your interpretation studies as part of Laney’s 4-course program in Legal and Community Interpreting. It is the companion course to Introduction to Court Interpretation, LCI 201.  Sight translation refers to the oral interpretation of a written text. Most training programs begin here because it is the best way to analyze what needs to happen in your brain when you translate and interpret. Because you have the text in front of you, you can see how the word order has to change and you sense how you can craft the best interpretation possible. In this class we introduce principles and modes of interpretation and teach you how to expand your vocabulary in Spanish and English, while using a wide variety of materials that will help you prepare for medical, legal, educational, and immigration interpreting assignments. We will discuss how certification tests in the different sub-fields work, how to prepare for them, and how to set yourself up for an exciting new career.