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About Laney

Offering certificates, degrees, transfer pathways & career education.

About Laney

Laney College is the largest of the four Peralta Community College District campuses, serving approximately 17,000 students annually. As the flagship college for the Peralta District, Laney College stretches across sixty acres in downtown Oakland, California, one of the most ethnically and economically diverse cities in America.

The Laney College service area includes the adjacent cities of Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, and Piedmont. It also draws students from the Greater Bay Area because of its reputation for diversity and high quality technical training.

Laney College offers associate degrees in more than 20 liberal arts and science fields; a significant number of graduates go on to attend 4-year colleges and universities, including the University of California and California State University systems.

Laney College has preserved and continuously updated a remarkable set of career and technical (CTE) programs. These programs include traditional trade areas like Electrical Technology (state certified), Welding, Industrial Maintenance, Machining, and Carpentry. The college has also developed new programs in other advanced technical fields such as Building Automation Systems (one of three programs in the USA), Digital Design, Medical Device Engineering Technology, 3-D design and Rapid manufacturing, and Advanced Lighting Technology. The college offers programs in the applied arts such as Professional Photography and Graphic Design.

Laney College has one of the few Restaurant Management programs in the Bay Area and a world-class Baking and Pastry program.

Finally, Laney College is a national leader in sustainability education. Energy efficiency and related sustainability-themed courses can be found in many different departments including Carpentry, Environmental Control Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, Electrical Technology, Biology, and Chemistry.



    • Students will be encouraged to envision a reality of empowerment that makes a difference in the community.
    • Students will have access to career and major
      exploration experiences to illuminate their path toward achieving their specific goals.


    • Students will be provided with an opportunity to make their dreams into reality.
    • Students will be celebrated when they persevere and persist.
    • Students will have access to intellectual and personal development experiences that
      increase their understanding of their potential to impact their local and global communities and promote social justice.


    • Students will acquire relevant skills. They will earn degrees and certificates that promote personal success and economic mobility that enriches the lives of students, their families, and their local communities.
    • Students will share learning and knowledge with their families and communities.

Our Mission

Laney College’s mission is to empower our community and to promote student success and social justice. We welcome and embrace Laney’s diversity through serving the community’s needs by providing certificates, degrees, transfer pathways, career education, and lifelong learning opportunities.


Accountability: We are individually and collectively responsible for achieving the highest levels of performance in helping students acquire the necessary skills and abilities to earn associate degrees, certificates, transfer, and careers. We continually evaluate ourselves in an effort to improve our effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the educational needs of our community.

Appreciation: We recognize the value of the efforts of all our students and employees. We foster student and employee growth through professional and personal development.

Collaboration: We work cooperatively in a shared governance environment and value individual ability and diversity in thinking as essential to promote open communication, active participation, exchange of ideas, and collaborative decision-making.

Competence: We share a commitment to performing our work assignments with excellence and continuous improvement. We emphasize doing our best in teaching and learning, student achievement, administrative practices, and delivery of support services.

Diversity: We are a multicultural and diverse organization with an enriching blend of people and ideas. Laney is a place for all people and has an environment devoted to fostering and embracing the diversity of our students and employees.

Equity: We work to provide every student and employee with what they need to succeed, and work to remove structural barriers to education.

Innovation: We encourage and support creativity, collaboration, and risk-taking. We foster and promote innovation in the design, development, support, delivery, and management of all programs and services.

Integrity: We are committed to nurturing campus trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Respect and civility: We demonstrate a commitment to the value of each individual through trust, cooperation, and teamwork. We recognize the worth of each individual and their ideas and treat each other and those we serve fairly, with compassion and with esteem.

Laney College Non-Discrimination Statement & Policy

Laney College does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ancestry, citizenship, national origin, military or veteran status, disability, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, and immigration status.


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