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Please click here for the Laney College 2020-2021 Organizational Chart

Rudy Besikof, Ed.D.
Interim College President
Office of the President

Administrative Services

Derek Pinto, Ed.D.
Vice President of Administrative Services
Business & Administrative Services Office

Neil Burmenko
Manager of Food Services

Rupinder Bhatia

Rupinder Bhatia
Director of Information Technology

Amy Marshall
Director of Facilities & College Operations

Instructional Services


Mark Fields, Ed.D.
Vice President of Instruction
Office of Instruction

Peter Crabtree
Dean of Career and Technical Education


Student Services

Vicki Ferguson - Laney College - VP of Student Services

VickiĀ Ferguson
Vice President of Student Services & Title IX Coordinator

Gary Albury Laney College

Gary Albury
Director of Student Activities & Campus Life

Diane Wu Chang
Associate Dean of Educational Success

David Lee, Ed.D.
Director of AANAPISI (APASS)

Mildred Lewis, Ed.D.
Dean of Enrollment Services


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