Graduate & Transfer

Graduation & Transfer

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Laney College is proud that it has grown to nearly 16,000 in enrollment, with nearly 400 faculty, and offers more than 100 programs; 23 associate degrees in liberal arts, sciences, business, and career technical education; more than 44 associate degrees in the liberal arts and science fields; and associate degrees for transfer.

Certificate Programs and Meaningful Careers

Some Laney students may choose to pursue certificate programs. These programs are designed to provide specific skills and knowledge related to a particular field of study. Once students complete these programs, they are prepared to enter the workforce in a meaningful career. This path is ideal for individuals who want to quickly acquire practical skills and start working in their chosen field.

Transfer to Four-Year Universities

Other Laney students may opt to complete their studies at the community college and then transfer to four-year universities including the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems, which are public university systems in California, as well as private and out-of-state colleges. This path is suitable for students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree and potentially continue their education beyond that.

Overall, individuals have different goals and aspirations, and Laney College provides pathways to accommodate those various goals, whether they involve entering the workforce directly or continuing on to further academic pursuits at different types of institutions.

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