Connecting with Students & Continuing with Coursework

Connecting with Students & Continuing with Coursework


For your reference, this webpage is the policy recommended by Laney College and approved by the Peralta Community College District for maintaining instructional activities during disruptions.


In response to the emerging outbreak of a respiratory disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus, Laney College is working to ensure the health and safety of our community. While we realize any possible disruption to the semester may be difficult for both faculty and students, we want to be ready to provide a high quality, student-centered educational experience. To that end, we encourage opportunities for inquiry, reflection, and interaction. Because these activities may look different in distance learning settings, Laney College is available to support your efforts by offering office hours, web resources, webinars and meetings with groups or departments to prepare for any disruption. Students who feel scared or vulnerable in the event of a crisis may value the opportunity to process this experience as part of a community, so consider adjusting course plans to include opportunities for reflection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Professional Development

  • Want to meet with one of our coaches on Zoom? Check out the coaching schedule for the weeks leading up to fall semester
  • Still need Canvas help? Check out our self-paced Intro to Canvas class
  • @ONE is currently updating their schedule for fall. Keep an eye out on their course offerings
  • Laney will continue to offer @ONE courses in the fall as well. Stay tuned for more information
  • CVC-OEI’s instructional design team hosts events on different aspects of online teaching


  • Continue to reference the Faculty Resources Site. We have a new Ed Tech Coordinator, Brielle Plump, who has been updating resources about available technology tools including Voicethread, Namecoach, Flipgrid, Padlet and more
  • Use this checklist as a guide for how to prep your course in Canvas
  • Interested in course design best practices? Check out the ABCs of Course Design
  • Learn more about the Peralta Equity Rubric
  • Enroll in one of @ONE’s free self-paced courses on accessibility to get support meeting accessibility standards
  • Lastly, and importantly, be sure to check out your Canvas shells for the fall semester. We have uploaded a template orientation, which contains many resources to help prepare you to teach online, and to share with your students!
  • To view faculty & staff tech resources, please click here.

Click the image below to view and download our guide on how to setup and attend Zoom meetings: