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Welcome to Laney College's Tutoring Programs

All Tutoring has moved online or over the phone

For more information, contact the Tutor Coordinator: Ian Latta


How to use Net-Tutor  in Three Steps:

STEP ONE: To access tutoring for any subject, click on “online tutoring” on the sidebar of your Canvas course:



























STEP TWO: Then, click on the subject you are looking for help with:

STEP THREE: After that, you can either make a future appointment with a tutor, or drop in to see a tutor, depending on the subject:

For instructors: How to enable NetTutor Online Tutoring

If you need help accessing Net tutor on Canvas, the Canvas 24 hour help line is available to students: 1-844-600-4955

Help with Canvas, Zoom, and other tools needed for taking classes online

We are also providing online support for students in the platforms and technologies they use in their online classes. Here’s the flyer:

Do you feel ready to take classes online?

Could you use some help in learning how to take classes online?


…feeling more confident with Canvas ?

… learning Zoom ?

…getting comfortable with Google Docs ?

…resetting your passwords ?

Make an appointment for a 30 minute appointment with a Laney peer tutor:


Call or text this number: (510) 463-4412

More information and forms available at:

The tutor’s duties are described here:

  1. Help students with the technical side of their online, hybrid, Canvas, or otherwise computer-based coursework. Try to stick to helping students to learn the online tools like Canvas or google apps, rather than helping students with the actual content of the course.
  2. If other questions arise, including how to use computers or other technical, IT-type help, feel free to help the student or point the student to other resources they can use to get help, such as the Peralta IT help desk. Don’t feel like you have to be able to answer every question. Your area of expertise is how to succeed in an online class.
  3. Participate in community of practice by making a list of all the questions students ask you and contributing to repository of resources and best practices for future tutors.