Spring semester is January 22nd – May 25th 2024.

Laney College offers a variety of tutoring services across disciplines. Our mission is to conserve an inclusive and diverse academic environment where students are engaging in meaningful learning interactions with their peers.

Tutoring locations can be found on campus and in online environments. The tutoring services hub space and multidiscipline space is A-105 next to the Welcome Center. This is a community space, a study space, a location for tutoring available on a drop-in basis and the tutoring manager’s office. The Tutoring Manager and support staff can connect you with appropriate tutoring services found on campus and beyond.

First Friday workshops with Tutoring Services. March 1st MLA formatting. April 5th Mid semester Bounce back. May 3rd Finals preparation. Room A105, first fridays at 11am-1pm.

First Friday workshops in A105, Tutoring Services 11am-1pm first Friday of every month.

  • February 2nd College Success
  • March 1st MLA formatting and writing tips
  • April 5th Mid-semester Bounce-back
  • May 3rd Finals Preparation with Math and English strategy groups

Tutoring Subjects & Spaces

Tutoring occurs in many spaces on campus and in the classroom with embedded tutoring.

If your subject or tutoring service is missing, please feel free to email the tutoring manager or stop by A105 in-person, and we’ll do our best to support you.

English and writing support for all classes, ESOL, chemistry, languages, some technology tutoring. Drop-in hours for any subject can happen here. Please also utilize the study space.

Spring 2024 Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm

Phone: (510)-464-3291

Tutoring Support for Architecture 

Mondays 2-5:30pm in room A105

Wednesdays 1-5pm in room A105

Classes include Arch 10, 13, 104A, 121A

Biology Tutors Needed Flyer pdf

Seeking Biology tutors! Please email Amy Bohorquez , Biology and Jennifer Gerry, Tutoring if you are interested in tutoring biology.

Monday and Wednesday 12-4pm in Room A105 (starting April 15th)

  • BUS 1A: Financial Accounting
  • BUS 1B: Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 2: Business Law
  • BUS 21: Payroll Accounting
  • BUS 239: QuickBooks

Chem 1A, 1B, 12A, 30

Tuesdays 12:45-4:15pm in A105.

Thursday 12:20-5:30pm in A105.

Chem 30

Tuesdays & Thursdays 12-1:30 in A105

Chem 1A, 1B

Tuesdays 3-6pm in A105

Mondays and Wednesdays 12:20-1:20pm in A105

Form a study group and meet in A105, or use a study room in the Library!

Tutoring for Chinese Language Learners

Mondays & Wednesdays 1-3:30 in A105

Tuesdays 1-4pm in the Tech Center F170

CIS 1 and CIS 205

Monday 1:30-4:30 room F170

Wednesday 10am-1pm room A105


Please contact the tutoring manager, instructional assistant, and department chairs in CIS if you are interested in tutoring or working in the CIS department. Federal work study students welcomed! Contacts listed below.

Phone: 510-464-3455


English 1A and 5 

Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm in A105

Other English courses may need scheduling

Inquire with Marie Trinh, the instructional assistant for writing support at Laney,

Remote Drop in hours for writing support (all subjects)

  • Monday and Thursday 10am-12pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday 4-6pm

Join the zoom.

ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages

Support for students in ESOL coursework.

Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm in A105

Remote Drop in hours for writing support (all subjects)

  • Monday and Thursday 10am-12pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday 4-6pm

Join the zoom.

Tuesday 12-1:30 in Tutoring Services A105

Wednesday 4:30-6pm in Tutoring Services A105

Thursday 10am-12pm and 1-3pm in The Tech Center F170

Student Accessibility Services High Tech Center.

The High Tech Center offers instruction in the use of adaptive software and equipment, including speech recognition, screen reading, image enlarging, Braille display, adaptive keyboards, and other software applications.

Tutors available.

Spring 2024 Hours: Monday - Thursday 8am-3pm

Phone: (510) 464-3427


Mathematics tutoring lab and study space.

Spring 2024 Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm

Phone: (510) 464-3448


Technology tutoring, student tech support, ESOL tech workshops and classes.

Phone: (510) 986-6972

Spring 2024 Hours: Monday- Thursday: 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-12pm


Spring 2024 hours:

Remote Drop in hours for writing support (all subjects)

  • Monday and Thursday 10am-12pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday 4-6pm

Join the zoom.

In person writing support Tutoring Services A105

  • Monday - Thursday 10am-5pm in A105