Enrollment Services

About Enrollment Services

Our Mission

Welcome to Laney College Enrollment Services Division.  The primary mission of our division is to facilitate student access and ensure student success at Laney.  In addition to the division office, additional departments that are tasks with our mission include the Admissions & Records, EOPS/CARE/NextUpCalWORKs categorical programs and Financial Aid.  We also collaborate with college faculty, staff, administrators and other stakeholders so that prospective, returning, and continuing students can access learning opportunities, persist in their academic journey and succeed in their educational pursuit.

Admissions & Records Office:

The Admissions & Records Office caters to the needs of prospective and continuing students with admission and enrollment processes.  We also assist dual enrollment of students (in elementary, middle, high school and adult schools) in Laney courses.  Students who have graduated and need their records and transcripts can also get assistance from A&R staff.

EOPS/CARE/Next-Up – CalWORKs Categorical Programs:

Three of our EOPS Categorical programs (EOPS/CARE/NextUp) are designed to assist students who are disadvantaged by social, economic, educational or linguistic barriers get the resources they need to enroll and succeed at Laney College.  The programs provide comprehensive academic and support counseling, financial aid and other services aimed at student retention, persistence and completion of education and career goals.

The fourth categorical program, i.e., CalWORKs helps students on public assistance to get access to vital services such as work study, job placement, childcare, counseling services, skills training and much more while attending Laney College.

Financial Aid Office:

The Financial Aid Office supports prospective and current students of Laney to complete their financial aid applications i.e., FAFSA or CA Dream Act application in order to maximize the quality and quantity of financial aid that may be available to them from various sources.  Student Employment through Federal Work Study (FWS) and Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) are also managed by the Financial Aid Office.  Student loan questions can also be answered by financial aid staff.

Please browse our office websites and other related links to explore the various opportunities available to you at Laney College.