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Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Laney College learning communities are programs designed to promote student success.

Asian/Pacific American Student Success (APASS)
APASS is designed to support Asian/Pacific Americans in pursuit of academic success by promoting individual growth and personal success through a culturally sensitive environment, recognizing the cultural diversity within the Asian and Pacific Islander communities, and fostering unity within the multicultural college community and beyond.

Gym, Room 102
Office (510) 464-3160

Latinx Cultural Center 
The Latinx Cultural Center program assists Chicanx/Latinx students to be successful at Laney College. We are located in the Eagle Village 3 (EV3). Some of our services are: Group Study, Tutoring, Indigenous Languages workshops (Mam, Nauatl, & Zapoteco) LCC Club, Soccer Club, ESOL, Empowering Latinx Women, and Job Opportunities. We also provide help to apply for enrollment, scholarships, and financial aid. In addition, it is a welcome center, an information, and referral source. The Latinx Cultural Center focuses on the outreach, recruitment, and education of the Latinx community with college credit and non-credit courses. Students can also receive assistance in basic skills, Career and Technical Education (CTE), English for speakers of other languages, and Spanish for bilingual students.

Arturo Davila
(510) 986-9650


The NextUp Program (Formerly known as CAFYES) is a learning community that serves current and former foster youth. We are a supplemental component of the existing Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) Program. The purpose of the NextUp Program is to strengthen the capacity of community college districts to support the higher education success, health and well-being of current and former foster youth. The program is designed to assist current and former foster youth who dependency was established or continued by the court on or after a student’s 16th birthday. The program is also structured to help students with financial assistance, general counseling and additional student services.

Feke Lauti
(510) 986-6962

Gateway to College
Gateway to College is a scholarship program that provides academically and economically disenfranchised Alameda County residents 16 to 20 years old with an
opportunity to experience success in an academically rigorous, supportive and safe environment as they pursue their high school diplomas and transition into college.

Building A, Room A-203
(510) 986-6941

Industrial Maintenance Program
Laney College now offers a 9-month, 29.5-unit certificate program in industrial maintenance.

This certificate will allow successful students to gain entry to a demanding and rewarding career in the field of industrial maintenance. This is a multi-disciplinary program that gives students hands-on training in machining, welding, electricity and blueprint reading. Math and English skills are taught in context to support student learning in these core subjects. This stackable certificate will prepare students for entry-level jobs in this industry or ready them for a second year certificate. (Read More)

Puente Program

The Laney Puente Program supports students transfer to four-year colleges and universities. We combine accelerated instruction, intensive academic counseling, and community leadership opportunities. While the focus is centered on Latinx literature and topics, the program welcomes students from all ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Students enroll with the same Puente instructor for classes over one academic year. Our counselor provides academic, personal, and career counseling to prepare students to transfer to a four-year college or university. Mentors expose Puente students to the “work world” that they need for their future success as college students and career professionals.

Laura Gomez-Contreras

Eagle Village 3


The Umoja-UBAKA Student Success Community aims to increase the success, persistence and graduation rates of African, African American and other students through tailored classes, academic counseling, tutorial support and activities. The mission is to serve as a critical resource for enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African, African American and other students. We deliberately and intentionally recognize student voices, social realities and histories. Umoja-UBAKA promotes self and community empowerment through an affirming atmosphere and culturally-responsive curriculum specifically focused on the Black experience.

Kimberly King/ Kassie Phillips
(510) 464-3412;

Restoring Our Communities
Restoring Our Communities (ROC) is an academic support program designed by formerly incarcerated people to serve formerly incarcerated students. ROC provides a safe space for students and features a pathways model to support students in obtaining a Career Technical Education certificate/degree, an academic AA/AS degree, and/or transfer to four-year universities.

Roger Chung / Vincent Garrett
(510) 464-3411
Office: E203 /

Transfer Track is a learning community of students who are planning on transferring from Laney to a four-year institution. Students in the Transfer Track take classes together on campus and are enrolled full-time. Classes in the program are selected to fulfill General Education requirements to help speed up the time to transferring.

VPI Becky Opsata
email –