The Lavender Project

The Lavender Project

Laney’s Lavender Project is a group of community members whose goals are to encourage changes and create events that make the campus a welcoming place for everyone.

Why Lavender?

When you mix blue and pink, you get lavender. The color has symbolized a unity of people who may identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and variations there of. In the 1950’s, many homosexual people were fired from their jobs. This was referred to as the Lavender Scare. This occurred during the McCarthy Era and the Red Scare. Lavender has been added to other terms identify members of the LGBTQIA+ family in secret. A “streak of lavender” was often used as slang, or lavender language.


Not sure what to do during this current situation?

This link will bring you to the Laney College Remote/Online Student Resources page. It includes some great Self-Care Tips, resources for mental health and general health care, links to our campus student services departments (Financial Aid, Counseling, Veteran’s Affairs, etc.)

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Local organizations are also here to help!

Here is a link to an article covering Indya Moore’s TranSanta project

Ali Forney Center –


Click here for more details:


We want to be sure you know you are not alone and It Gets Better

Here is a link to a story about the Rainbow Railroad – a group that is helping LGBT folks in areas with hostile governments

Would you like to add a streak of lavender to your class? Click here for Resources for Your Classroom

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Here are some more helpful links:

Laney bathroom map – where you can find a bathroom

Here is a copy of our Bathroom Sign Laney College to ensure our bathrooms are a safe place for everyone

Laney Queers – here is a link to our student group

If you need to change your preferred name in our system, here is the Preferred Name Instructions for Students

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