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Our Puente Counselor, Laura Contreras, Student Workers, and Tutors are all providing online/remote support and services throughout the Fall 2020 semester.
Please email us at LaneyPuente@Peralta.edu. We will contact you within 24 hours!
Additional resources and information for students can be found at the COVID-19 Update: Online Support For Students website.

Join the Puente Program Spring, 2021!!

Join the Puente Program This Spring NOW!

Laney College’s Puente Program offers students:

  • An English 5 class with a Latinx and other multicultural themed curriculum
  • English 508, a non-credit support class, to enrich your English 5 experience taught by your English instructor with embedded tutors.
  • Counseling 57, Personal and Career Development
  • Support for you to create and develop a personalized transfer plan with a Latinx Counselor.
  • Embedded tutor support in your English class and additional free tutoring at Latinx Cultural Center
  • Campus Visits: Free trips to visit 4-year colleges and learn about their support services for Latinx students
  • Mentors: Professionals who will support your college and career success

Interested? Contact us!

  1. Call the Latinx Cultural Center (510) 986-6950 or email us at LaneyPuente@Peralta.edu.
  2. Fill out the Student Information Sheet!

Students!! After you fill out the information sheet, we will contact you to give you registration information for the Puente classes.

Puente Classes for Spring, 2021. NOTE: You must enroll in all 3 classes to be part of Puente.

Class Units Days Time
English 5 3 Monday & Wednesday 9:00AM-10:50AM
English 508 (noncredit) 0 Monday & Wednesday 11:00AM-12:15PM
Counseling 57 3 Monday & Wednesday 1:30PM-2:45PM

Puente@Laney is located in the Latinx Cultural Center (Eagle Village 3). Check out additional services at Latinx Cultural Center.