Undocumented Community Resource Center


The Undocumented Community Resource Center (UCRC) is a dedicated safe space for undocumented students, students from mixed status families, and allies. The UCRC can assist with issues including AB-540/ CA Residence Questionnaire, the California Dream Act, and connecting to immigration services. The Center also provides information and resources on scholarships, clubs, food pantry and community resources.

This service is made available to Community College students to provide Legal Service help to Undocumented students.

Immigration Services

Free immigration legal services are available to students, staff and faculty affiliated with the Community Colleges. Priority for services is given to undocumented students, staff and faculty. The immigration legal service providers offering services at the 65 campuses have developed scheduling, intake, and reporting processes that ensure student information remains confidential and protected. While all legal providers offer legal consultations and basic immigration benefit application assistance, some providers may offer additional services.

Basic immigration legal assistance includes:

  • Legal Consultations to Screen for Immigration Relief
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Renewals
  • Family-based petitions
  • Naturalization/Citizenship applications

Education and Outreach activities (e.g. webinars) cover topics such as:

  • Avoiding fraudulent legal services
  • Know Your Rights Presentations (KYR)
  • Family Preparedness/Childcare Safety Plans
  • Public Charge information

Services not currently funded (referrals may be provided):

  • Removal Defense
  • Asylum Applications

East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) for first-time and renewal DACA applicants who are currently attending any California community college. The $495 filing fee assistance is available on a first come, first serve basis, so please encourage your students to schedule a consultation with EBCLC now. Currently, filing fee assistance is only available for DACA applications. Of course, our legal consultations and services remain free, regardless of the student’s immigration status or case type.

CA In-state Tuition Tool

Guide to Personal Finance and Support for Undocumented Immigrants

How to Build Credit as an Immigrant

How to Buy a House in the US as an Immigrant or Foreigner

Immigrants Rising: College Access Resources

California Student Aid Commission (CSAC)

Peralta Foundation Scholarships These scholarships are available to students enrolled in the Peralta Community College District.  A comprehensive website with information for student, faculty, and staff. Very useful user-friendly site for anyone not familiar with AB540. Learn about preparing for college, college admissions, paying for college, and other useful information regarding current and potential AB540 students.

I Can Afford College  A website by the California Community Colleges. This link will take you to the Dream Page

Immigration Legal Intake: Immigrants Rising’s Immigration Legal Intake Service is an online survey to help undocumented young people learn about possible immigration options.