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Gateway to College Home Page

Gateway to College Home Page

Our Mission

Gateway to College is a scholarship program that provides academically and economically disenfranchised Alameda County residents 16 to 20 years old with an opportunity to experience success in an academically rigorous, supportive and safe environment as they pursue their high school diplomas and transition into college.


The program promotes student success and readiness by grouping students into learning communities for their first term, offering intensive literacy development, maintaining rigorous academic standards, and providing individualized support. After successfully completing the initial Foundation term, students will transition to taking classes with the general student population.Students will focus their studies in a “pathway” or major that is aligned with high school completion requirements and college degree or certificate requirements. To keep students on the right track to success, one-on-one support is provided by dedicated GtC counselors. All GtC classes are college classes, and the program is fully integrated with Laney College.

Gateway to College Program Eligibility/Requirements

  • Gateway to College is targeted to students 16 to 20 years old who have left high school without a diploma OR who are behind in high school credits for age or grade level
  • Students must live within Alameda County to be eligible
  • Students must have an eighth grade reading level in order to qualify for Gateway to College


Cohort Model:

Due to the transition to online student services, Gateway to College students are assigned to a designated Success Coach. Success Coaches will contact students within their cohorts to schedule one on one appointments. 

Purpose of Meetings:

To give current GTC students ongoing Online Student Support through weekly one on one check ins. One on One check in’s are mandatory for current GTC students and will be counted toward their attendance throughout the semester.

Duration of Meetings:

A Mandatory one on one Zoom Meeting  or Phone call Check-In which will range from 15 to 20 minutes.

How many times do current GTC students need to meet ?

Current GTC Students are required to meet with their designated Success Coach Once a Week. GTC students will be responsible to check-in either through video conference or by phone.

Success Coach Office Hours:

Beginning Monday August 24, 2020 Success Coaches will be hosting ONLINE Office Hours for students to check in with their designated Success Coach. Direct links to GTC Success Coach office hours will be provided directly from GTC students designated Success Coach.


Access to Zoom Online Platform:

Your designated Success Coach will contact you regarding available appointment dates and times. You can meet on Zoom with or without video, and you do not need to have a ZOOM account to join the meeting. Students are encouraged and advised to set up a ZOOM account prior to the appointment.

Sign Up HERE:


Success Coaches will also assist students throughout the remainder of the semester within our initial student contact.


Hours of Operation (Summer 2022)

(In Person – Hours of Operation)

Monday through Thursday: 9 AM – 3 PM


(Online – Hours of Operation)

Monday through Thrusday: 9 AM – 3 PM


(Gateway to College will closed Fridays for the duration of Summer)



Updated Temporary- Contact Information

Due to the transition to ONLINE STUDENT SERVICES, Gateway to College Staff will be using TEMPORARY Online Phone Numbers. 

We will try our best to contact you as soon as possible and appreciate your patience!


Gateway to College – Front Office

Staff Assistant

Senait Y.


Temporary Phone: 510-766-0092


Gateway to College – Counselor

Mayra Murillo


Temporary Phone: 415-562-6034


Gateway to College – Success Coaches

Michael Cruz


Temporary Phone: 510-545-3603

Terry Watson


Temporary Phone: 510-736-2327

Omar Esteban Ramos


Temporary Phone: 510-730-1676


Gateway to College – Director

William Ramos Ochoa


Note: The above phone numbers are Temporary and will change back to our regular point of contact as soon as the program is able to work On-Site. If you are having issues contacting our Temporary Contact Information, please default to contacting our Front Office Email at or contact 510-986-6941 and leave a voicemail. We will contact you as soon as we can.