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Food and Catering Services

Food and Catering Services

Food Services provides delicious and nutritious meals to Laney College students, faculty and staff.

Food Services has been temporarily relocated

  • Location: beside the Bistro (E-106) – access from the side facing the estuary
  • June 17: 8 AM -11 AM free cup of coffee outside the Bistro area offered on the 1st day of classes
  • June 18: Summer hours will run 8 AM – 6 PM Monday – Thursday

Services Provided

  •  Catering
    • Limited catering services on and off campus for selected events.
  •  Laney Bistro
    • Collaborates with Culinary Arts Instruction to sell food in a formal dining environment.  Menus are determined by the culinary courses taught.
  • Student Cafeteria
    • Collaborates with Culinary Arts Instruction to market and sell food in a cafeteria setting Laney Bistro.

Requesting Catering Services

Catering Services will help you plan the ideal menu for your event.  Please contact the Food Catering Supervisor at least 10 days prior to the event with the number of attendees, budget, desired layout, amenities, time of event, setup and breakdown needs.

Alfred Brown, Food Services  Supervisor, abrown@peralta.edu

Payment for Catering Services

Payments can be made by credit card or cash or check.

Staff Contact

Neil Burmenko, Food Services Manager

Office:E Bldg., Room-101

Email: nburmenko@peralta.edu,

Phone: 510-464-3403 & 510-464-3520

Alfred E. Brown, Food Services  Supervisor

Office: Student Center Cafeteria

Email: abrown@peralta.edu,

Phone: 510-464-3519