Business Services Unit Goals, Assessment Measurements & Performance

Institutional Effectiveness

Business Services contributes to the achievement of institutional goals such as organizational effectiveness and fiscal affairs, as well as overall college mission. The business services division follows the same non-instructional evaluation and outcomes assessment process together with the administration and student services.

In June 2014, the Business and Administrative Services department managers and functional leads for each service unit attended the first annual department retreat with the purpose of establishing Business Services unit goals and assessment measures for the 2014-15 fiscal year. As a result of this planning retreat and for the first time in the history of the department, an action plan was developed to phase-in unit goals and assessment measurements over two fiscal years. Therefore, 50% of each units’ goals and assessment measurements for fiscal year 2014-15 will be implemented in that fiscal year and the remaining 50% of assessment measurements will be implemented in 2015-16.  Also, the plan included the establishment of a baseline year of data (fiscal year 2014-15) from which to measure performance improvements over time and show progress in meeting institutional effectiveness objectives.

Business Service unit goals are shown below by fiscal year and includes a brief description of the critical functions provided to students, faculty and staff. Each goal has a corresponding assessment measurement to evaluate performance and outcomes assessment of the related activity and in support of continuous improvement.

Business Unit Goals and Assessment Measures



Business Unit Performance and Outcomes Assessment

(performance outcomes to be posted)