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Campus Safety Aide Services

Campus Safety Aide Services

We Care About Your Safety

The main concern is the safety of our Laney Community. We as Safety Aides patrol, observe and report all suspicious activities on campus. Our presence and visibility help secure and prevent incidents. We also provide escort service to ensure your security around the Campus. For immediate attention, please phone (510) 464-3228 or after 4:30pm phone (510) 599-9411.

Safety Aide Operation of hours

  • Monday – Friday    8:00AM – 10:00PM
  • Saturday                  8:00AM –   2:00PM

We are located in the Tower Lobby.

Contact Information

  • Safety Aide Office: (510) 464-3228 or (510) 599-9411
  • Email: laneysafetyaides@peralta.edu
  • Peralta Sheriff: (510) 465-3514 or  (510) 466-7236
  • Emergencies Call 9-1-1

To arrange for Safety Aide Escort

Safety Aide 2018 Training


Laney College Campus Safety Tips from President Gilkerson


We are committed to your Safety…