Office of Instruction

Office of Instruction

An accredited California Community College


An accredited California community college, Laney offers 32 Associate of Arts and 12 Associate of Science Degrees as well as 28 Certificate Programs. Programs are designed to provide:

  1. General Education
  2. Transfer Education
  3. Career Technical (Occupational) Education
  4. English Curriculum
  5. Basic Skills Education
  6. Cooperative Work Experience Education

General Education

General education courses provide the students with knowledge, skills, appreciations, attitudes and values which each individual needs for an effective and well-balanced life in a democratic society.

Transfer Education

Transfer education courses parallel freshman and sophomore years at four-year institutions. Also included are courses which enable students to make up scholastic deficiencies while preparing for transfer to four-year colleges or universities.

Career Technical (Occupational) Education

Career technical (occupational) education courses lead directly to employment or upgrading after intensive training in theory and practical application in trade, technical, business and service occupations.

English Curriculum

English curriculum is for non-citizen and citizen students with English as a Second Language emphasis. This special program of courses in English is offered at Laney College for immigrants and resident citizens for whom English is not a native language. The courses are aimed at assisting the student in developing the following language skills in English: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Descriptions of the special courses are given in the Course Announcements, listed as English as a Second Language.