Kinesiology Department

Kinesiology - Departmental Overview

The Kinesiology and Athletics Department offers Kinesiology curriculum with a wide variety of courses to accommodate varying fitness levels, interests, and abilities, including: cardiovascular training, strength training, mind/body courses like yoga, cycling, as well as individual sport activities such as swimming, tennis, badminton, and track and field.  Team sport activities such as volleyball, basketball, water polo, football, and baseball are also available for skills training and intercollegiate athletics preparation.  Kinesiology (KIN) lecture courses are also available for aspiring fitness professionals and transfer students.  Students will not only learn how to perform activities with proper technique, but they will learn principles of exercise science and bio mechanics that can be applied to their training.  Athletics team classes are listed under “Athletics (ATHL)” in the catalog.  Additional fitness courses are available under our related “Sports Fitness (SPFT)” area in the catalog.  We also provide several courses in Health Education (HLTED), to increase awareness of overall wellness.

Activity courses are grouped by similar content (Aquatics, Aerobics, etc).  Please note that many activity courses are offered with varying skill levels. Students should enroll in an activity class which is most appropriate for their skill level. Students may then progress through the series of courses as personal skill develops.

The mission of the Laney College Kinesiology & Athletic Department is to serve and meet the needs of a diverse and varied capacity community population, by providing physical and mental health education and awareness.   We also have many students at Laney who are looking to move on to a four year university, who take Kinesiology classes to complete their academic programs, or simply to have a break in their academic day. Our classes also provide a social setting and gathering place for students and families who wish to expand their communities. Finally, a large part of the students who we offer classes to are athletes in our athletic programs, taking classes in theory and learning skills for our seven intercollegiate sports.   Please see our ATHLETICS WEB PAGE for more information.


Our classes are listed in the catalog under several different course codes:

Athletics (ATHL)

Health Education  (HLTED)

Kinesiology  (KIN)

Sports Fitness (SPFT)