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Spanish interpreter sitting next to defendant in court

Court interpreter with defendant


Interpreter assisting medical staff and patient

Interpreter assisting medical staff and patient


Did you know that language interpretation is one of the most rapidly growing careers in California? Now more than ever, given the large percentage of people who don’t speak English in California, interpreters are needed in a wide variety of venues, including immigration courts, criminal courts, community organizations and hospitals. Laney College’s Legal and Community Interpreting Program trains interpreters to serve these needs.

As shelter in place orders start easing throughout the state and nationwide, the demand for interpreters will continue to grow. Interpreters are considered essential workers, therefore interpreting jobs are much very stable and secure. Court interpreter jobs also include pensions and benefits.

Click on the link below to read a recent article published in the San Francisco Chronicle about the vital impact that medical interpreters are having in hospitals right now:

Language interpreters prove crucial in Bay Area

The Legal and Community Interpreting Program offers two courses in the Fall of 2020, including the first course of the Program: Introduction to Spanish-language Legal Interpretation. This course centers on legal interpretation, but also offers insights into community interpretation, including medical. This course is an excellent way to learn what the profession is all about and can be your first step to a lucrative, life-long career.

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from continuing your education! Enroll in the Legal and Community Interpreting Program’s ON-LINE Fall courses today!

SPRING 2021 Class Schedule

  1. Sight Translation
    LCI 202
    Class Number: 22379
    4 Units, Online
    Instructor: Monique Dascha Inciarte
    Start date: February 10, 2021
    End date: May 22, 2021
    Schedule: 6pm – 8:00pm
    Prerequisites: None
    Course description: Principles of sight translation (oral), skills and practices, legal terms used in court proceedings, and ethics.
  2. Consecutive Interpretation
    LCI 203
    Class Number: 22380
    4 Units, Online
    Instructors: Angela Zawadzki
    Start date: February 11, 2021
    End date: May 27, 2021
    Schedule: 6pm – 8pm (Zoom)
    Prerequisites: None, contact Laura Contreras to add the course if you are unable to add yourself, make sure to send her your student ID (
    Course description: Principles of consecutive interpretation: skills and practices, terminology used in different fields, ethical scenarios

Our LCI Curriculum is designed to:

  • PREPARE STUDENTS WHO ARE PROFICIENT IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH for careers in legal and community interpretation
  • ENHANCE THE SKILL SETS OF WORKING INTERPRETERS who want to improve their interpreting and knowledge of terminology and develop new skills. 

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9 December 2015

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Interview with faculty member Monique Dascha Inciarte about LCI Program.

20 October 2015