Language & Communication

Language & Communication

Are you interested in using language to advocate for yourself and connect with others? In a multicultural society, it’s important to connect with everyone. We want to empower you to raise your voice and help others do the same.

Departments Under This Area

Communication Studies
Foreign Languages
Language Arts

Recommended First Term Classes:

* Course meets a CSU or IGETC general education requirement

MATH 13*     Statistics OR
MATH 13* plus Math 213 (Support for Statistics) OR
MATH 15*     Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students

ENGL 1A*     Reading and Composition OR
ENGL 1AS*   Reading and Composition with Support

Explorer Course

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Description of Explorer Courses

Communication Studies
COMM 1A: Intro to Speech
Do you want to improve your communication skills? Do you feel nervous when speaking in public or to strangers? If so, this class is for you! You will learn to speak in many situations and have many opportunities to practice.  The communication program at Laney College prepares students to transfer to a four-year college or university and offers an associate degree for transfer AA-T. This course fulfills IGETC area 1C and CSU area A1.

ENGL 1A: Reading and Composition
Have you taken your required English classes yet? Whether your goal is to transfer to a 4-year college, complete an AA, or earn a certificate, you’re going to need English composition. Your writing is the first impression you make when you are applying for a job or to get into college, and English 1a will help you learn how to present your story for maximum impact. You’ll also learn how to understand and analyze difficult college-level texts, which will help you in all your future college classes. All students can enroll directly into English 1a, but not everyone feels prepared, so we have two options depending on how much support a student wants while taking the class. You can take English 1A alone or English 1AS which provides an additional hour of support per class. This course fulfills CSU area A2 and IGETC area 1A.

JOURN 62: Survey of Mass Media
Survey of Mass Media is your introduction to the world of journalism. Here we will be learning the historical and current contexts of mass media – as well as how those contexts interact with the world around us. A lot of our content will be informational, but we will also delve into current events as they unfold before our very eyes. Industry professionals will be virtually visiting our class, we will be reflecting on important timely material, and more than anything – we will be learning how information can influence our lives. This course fulfills CSU area D and  IGETC area 4.

Modern Languages
Are you interested in learning another language? Studying a new language has many benefits! Learning a new language will boost your cognitive skills and in today’s connected world, learning a new language will help you personally and professionally! The Laney College Department of Modern Languages offers courses designed to help you develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Chinese 1: Elementary Chinese. Elementary Chinese will introduce you to pronunciation, grammar, sentence patterns and practical vocabulary.

Japanese 1A: Elementary Japanese. Elementary Japanese will introduce you to pronunciation, grammar, sentence patterns and practical vocabulary.

Spanish 1A: Elementary Spanish. Elementary Spanish will introduce you to pronunciation, grammar, sentence patterns and practical vocabulary.

French 1A: Elementary French. Elementary French will introduce you to pronunciation, grammar, sentence patterns and practical vocabulary.