Legal & Community Interpreting Certificates

Certificates of Achievement

Translating and Interpreting–Spanish – Certificate of Achievement

The Legal and Community Interpreting program offers a four-course Certificate of Achievement in Translating and Interpreting–Spanish that opens up opportunities for students in the workforce in the legal, health services, and educational fields of translation and interpretation in English and Spanish. It provides an overview and intense practice of skills in the three modes interpretation (sight, consecutive, simultaneous) and translation. The program considers linguistic, cultural and professional expectations in the field, and explores vocational opportunities in different areas: legal, health services, and educational institutions. Classes will be provided online, hybrid form and/or face to face.

Current Effective Date:

Upon completion of this program a student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate sight translation, consecutive, and simultaneous interpretation and translation skills, as well as appropriate and proficient performance in various official settings.
  2. Employ essential terminology belonging to the legal, health services, and educational fields; distinguish and discriminate between tools and resources, in order to recognize professional best practices.
  3. Create and apply appropriate and effective habits and self-assessments tools and criteria to adequately prepare for unexpected situations in the profession as a translator or interpreter in English and Spanish
  4. Appraise and evaluate translator and interpreter ethics, responsibilities, precepts, and protocol.

Spanish Legal Interpretation: Criminal and Civil Court Proceedings; Out-of-court Legal Proceedings; Private Attorney Interviews; Law Enforcement Interviews; Administrative Hearings; Public and Social Services Interviews; Community Service Events; K-12 Parent and Student Events. Kauser Permanent Hospital OUSD Public High School System