Department Chairs

Department Chairs

Department Chairs

Department Chairs & Program Coordinators Meetings are held:
Spring 2024 – 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 12:30pm – 1:30pm in the Laney College Best Center.

Membership – Elected 2023-2024 Department Chairs:


Career & Technical EducationDeanAlejandria
Career & Technical EducationSenior Staff Services SpecialistFang
ArchitectureCareer & Technical EducationChairBarry
CarpentryCareer & Technical EducationChairKarl
CosmetologyCareer & Technical EducationCo-ChairToshia
CosmetologyCareer & Technical EducationCo-ChairSyndey L
Construction ManagementCareer & Technical EducationChairKelle Lynch
Culinary ArtsCareer & Technical EducationChairChantal
Electrical & Electronics TechnologyCareer & Technical EducationChairRod
Environmental Control TechnologyCareer & Technical EducationChairSappho Su
Machine TechnologyCareer & Technical EducationChairAdam
Welding TechnologyCareer & Technical EducationChairRichard
Wood TechnologyCareer & Technical EducationChairMyron
Humanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryDeanTarek
Humanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryStaff AssistantJudy
Business and EconomicsHumanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryChairKim
Computer Information SystemsHumanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryCo-ChairKim
Computer Information SystemsHumanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryCo-ChairJohnnie
Ethnic StudiesHumanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryChairErica
Humanities/PhilosophyHumanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryChairAmir
Library ServicesHumanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryChairYiping Wang (Head Librarian)
Social Science/BehaviorHumanities, Social Sciences, & LibraryChairFelipe Wilson
Kinesiology, Athletics, Health Education, & CounselingDeanDiane
CounselingKinesiology, Athletics, Health Education, & CounselingStaff AssistantAlma
AthleticsKinesiology, Athletics, Health Education, & CounselingStaff AssistantSakai
CounselingKinesiology, Athletics, Health Education, & CounselingCo-ChairCynthia Taing (Co-Chair)
CounselingKinesiology, Athletics, Health Education, & CounselingCo-ChairJanelle Tillotson (Co-Chair)
AthleticsKinesiology, Athletics, Health Education, & CounselingCo-ChairDustin Cheyne (Co-Chair)
AthleticsKinesiology, Athletics, Health Education, & CounselingCo-ChairJosh Ramos (Co-Chair)
Learning ResourcesKinesiology, Athletics, Health Education, & CounselingChairNathan
Liberal ArtsDeanElizabeth
Liberal ArtsStaff AssistantAnh
ArtLiberal ArtsChairMary
Communication StudiesLiberal ArtsChairShirley
DanceLiberal ArtsChairAndrea
EnglishLiberal ArtsChairChris
English Speakers of Other LanguagesLiberal ArtsChairSteven
Graphic ArtsLiberal ArtsCo-ChairDaniela Pachtrapanska (Co-Chiar)
Graphic ArtsLiberal ArtsCo-ChairDavid Santamaria (Co-Chair)
PhotographyLiberal ArtsChairMichael
JournalismLiberal ArtsChairEleni
Media CommunicationsLiberal ArtsCo-ChairVina Cera (Co-Chair)
Media CommunicationsLiberal ArtsCo-ChairSteve Shlisky (Co-Chair)
Modern Language/LCILiberal ArtsChairArturo Davila-Sanchez
MusicLiberal ArtsChairJohn
Theatre ArtsLiberal ArtsChairMichael
Divison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringDeanIngrid
Divison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringStaff AssistantVacant
Astronomy/Chemistry/PhysicsDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringCo-ChairMichelle (Cheli) Fossum (Co-Chair)
Astronomy/Chemistry/PhysicsDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringCo-ChairNeil Allen Nicol (Co-Chair)
Astronomy/Chemistry/PhysicsDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringCo-ChairWilliam Trego (Co-Chair)
Biology/Life SciencesDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringCo-ChairLaurie Allen-Requa (Co-Chair)
Biology/Life SciencesDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringCo-ChairRebecca Bailey (Co-Chair)
Biology/Life SciencesDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringCo-ChairRajeev Banerjee (Co-Chair)
Biology/Life SciencesDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringCo-ChairLeslie Blackie (Co-Chair)
Biology/Life SciencesDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringCo-ChairEmily Quach (Co-Chair)
Earth & Human SciencesDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringChairDonald
EngineeringDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringChairMallory
MathematicsDivison of Mathematics, Sciences, & EngineeringChairDavid


Department Chairs Reassignment Allocation Process – Article 14 (2.9.23)