Laney College

Contact Information

Contact Information

Vice President of Instruction
Rebecca Opsata Ph.D, T-701
(510) 464-3213


Staff Assistant, Vice President of Instruction
Karen Tellegen,T-703
(510) 464-3250


Academic Support Services Specialist
Derek Lee, T-702


Curriculum Specialist
Iolani Sodhy-Gereben, T-704


Staff Assistant-Faculty Evaluations
Huizhen (Joan) Su, T-752


Division of Mathematics and Sciences
Dean of Instruction: Ángel G. Fuentes, MS, T-707
(510) 464-3224

Staff Assistant: Wenwen Zhou, T-709
(510) 464-3102

Instructional Disciplines served: Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Anthropology, Geography, Geology, Biology, Computer Information Systems (CIS), and Mathematics


Division of Liberal Arts
Dean of Instruction: Elizabeth (Beth) Maher, T-714
(510) 464-3221 or (904) 990-3364

Staff Assistant: Stephanie Le, T-712
(510) 464-3222

Instructional disciplines served: Art, Communications, Dance, English, ESOL, Foreign Languages: Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Legal and Community Interpreting, Journalism, Music, and Theatre Arts


Division of Humanities and Social Sciences 
Dean of Instruction: Mark Fields, Ed.D, T-710

Staff Assistant: Judy Mei, T-708
(510) 464-3250

Instructional Disciplines served:  Business and Economics, Cosmetology, Ethnic Studies: African American Studies, Asian and Asian American Studies, Mexican/Latin American Studies, Native American Studies, Graphic Arts, Humanities/Philosophy, Media Communications, Photography, and Social Sciences: History, Labor Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology


Division of Career & Technical Education
Dean of Instruction: Alejandria Tomas, T-713
(510) 464–3218

Staff Assistant: Lynna Wong, T-705

Senior Staff Services Specialist: Fang (Alisa) Huang, T-711
(510) 464-3246

Instructional Disciplines served: Architecture/Engineering Technology, Carpentry, Construction Management, Co-op Education Coordination, Culinary Arts, Electrical/Electronics Technology, Environmental Control Technology, Machine Technology, Welding Technology, and Wood Technology