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Faculty Evaluations

Faculty Evaluations

PURPOSE Evaluation of faculty is consistent with the Community Colleges’ mission of educational excellence as required by Section 87663 of the Education Code (Ed Code). The purpose of the evaluation is to benefit the faculty member through peer review. The primary objective is to evaluate the faculty member’s effectiveness in relation to good teaching; currency in the field; department/discipline responsibilities; and effectiveness of service to students, the departments/disciplines, and the college. The evaluation is the joint responsibility of the Administrative Supervisor (referred to herein as Vice President or designee) and the department/discipline faculty. The most positive effects of the evaluation will be obtained at the department/discipline level and accrue to the individual. The evaluation should recognize the accomplishments of faculty, and make recommendations for correcting deficiencies.


  • Faculty evaluation Homepage- Faculty evaluation handbook PDF revised in July 2019. Here is the link:


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Huizhen Su

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Shanova Berry

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