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Faculty Evaluations

Faculty Evaluations

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Directions for Evaluation of Part–Time or Tenured Instructors – Spring 2020

The Faculty Evaluator is responsible for completing and/or collecting and submitting all of the following five documents. Please note that the evaluation forms for PT or tenured instructors are different from the tenure track evaluation forms.

A complete evaluation consists of:

  1. A Faculty Classroom Observation-Evaluation Form completed by the evaluator
  2. A set of Student Evaluations (first, type up the student comments. Then send the forms to Ann Childress at the district office with the appropriate cover sheet). The Student Evaluation Summary will be sent to you via e-mail. Please forward the Student Evaluation Summary to Give the evaluee a copy of the typed student comments and a copy of the histogram report. Do not give the evaluee a copy of the handwritten student comments. (We need to make sure that the comments are truly confidential.)
  3. An Evaluee’s Self-Evaluation Report Form completed by the evaluee. The evaluee also submits the following to the evaluator as part of their self-evaluation: the syllabus, a listing of all assignments, one sample test, and a description of student assessment method(s) used (see Faculty Evaluation Handbook, p. 39).
  4. An Administrative Evaluation Form completed by the dean. Please contact the dean in advance to let them know that you need an administrative evaluation for your evaluee.
  5. A Summary Report Form completed by the evaluator. You will need all four of the other forms to be done before you complete the Summary Report. Comment on the class observation, the student evaluations, the administrative evaluation, and the self-evaluation (including comments on the syllabus and class materials submitted). Make some overall comments and choose an overall rating.

Evaluating an online class? See these directions: How to request and conduct an online evaluation

Directions for students – online evaluations: Student instructions 4eval

Things to Know:

  • Evaluation documents are due by April 17, 2020.
  • Student evaluation forms (that students fill out) can be found in T-706. If there are no student evaluation forms there, check with Joan in T-752.
  • Please schedule all class observations prior to March 23, 2020. This will allow time for the student evaluations to be processed at the district and returned before the evaluation documents are due.
  • Please turn in originals, not photocopies.
  • All of the documents should be word-processed. Please make sure to answer the questions in detail.
  • The evaluator should collect all of these items and turn them in as soon as possible. The documents can be submitted at different times as they are completed. Please submit the signed classroom observation form soon after this evaluation occurs. Please keep electronic copies of all forms for your records, just in case.
  • Triple check to be sure all forms are filled out completely and all signatures are in place. You will be notified of incomplete packets with completion instructions.
  • Turn in evaluation documents to Huizhen (Joan) Su in the Office of Instruction. Please hand-carry them to Joan’s office (T-752). Do not put them in inter-campus mail or the mailboxes in the Laney Tower, as these are not secure.
  • Joan will be checking the packets for completeness and populating a spreadsheet with information on what has been done so far. Periodic status updates will be sent out via e-mail.
  • If you are a part-time instructor, please complete a timesheet and stipend approval form for a stipend of $120 per evaluation (3 maximum) for your efforts.  For assistance completing these forms, please contact Joan at or 986-6908.
  • The Faculty Evaluator cannot been evaluated by the Evaluee within the same academic year.


Evaluation Forms can be found here for PT or tenured instructors

Questions?- Please feel free to contact Huizhen (Joan) Su at or at 510-464-3208