Culinary Arts

Led by acclaimed chefs and faculty, Laney Culinary is one of the most reputable and affordable culinary schools in Northern California.

Our unique program provides a comprehensive, hands-on curriculum that develops each person’s creativity and personal growth. Master the foundations of essential cooking and baking techniques, food science and nutrition, restaurant management, and more. Explore the Bay’s vibrant culinary scene and work closely with distinguished chefs in a range of culinary fields!

Our programs are affordable to everyone in the community. We provide substantial need-based financial assistance– many students even attend at no cost. Whether you are new to cooking and the culinary world or you are trying to expand your existing knowledge and skills, our culinary programs are for you.

Our Programs

Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management Degree– This two year program will prepare you with the information and experience you need to become a successful chef and manage an efficient food operation. You will master foundational cooking skills, take courses in international and contemporary American cuisine, learn principles of management, and develop skills in hiring, training, and leading staff.

Baking & Pastry Degree– This two year program will teach you the fundamentals of becoming a pastry chef. Take classes in artisan bread making, traditional and contemporary desserts and pastries, cake decoration, candy, chocolate making, and more.

Culinary Foundations Certificate– This accelerated one year program is designed for anyone looking to hone their craft, from complete beginners to employed cooks. Develop your culinary skills by mastering foundational cooking techniques.


Can I take individual classes without enrolling in the full program? 

Yes. You don’t have to commit to a full program to enroll in a class at Laney Culinary. We encourage anyone who is interested to try our classes and become a part of our community. Beginners should start by taking lower division classes in any of our programs. For more experienced cooks looking to acquire new skills, our upper division courses are open for enrollment (prerequisite coursework is recommended. If you feel you have the experience to enroll directly please contact the Department Chair for further details).

Why should I attend Laney Culinary School instead of going straight into the culinary industry? 

Laney Culinary will prepare you for a successful and long-lasting culinary career. Employment in the culinary industry will provide training and experience, but at Laney Culinary you’ll learn a wider variety of skills and knowledge in a supportive and creative environment. We also connect students to career opportunities in the local culinary scene, including iconic restaurants like Chez Panisse where several of our students have interned. Master the fundamentals, learn a diversity of techniques and cuisines, and develop a network of dedicated professors and mentors who are here just for you.

Is your cooking school open to the public?

Yes, Laney Culinary School is open to everyone. Whether you are a first time apprentice or an experienced cook, our classes and programs are made for you. For instructions on how to apply and enroll visit our Enroll page.

What are your COVID Safety protocols?

Currently Laney College has a mask mandate. Proof of full vaccination or exemption are required and must be provided at least five days before the beginning of classes via Campus Solutions at Students should use the Campus Shield app to answer screening questions for campus access. Weekly Covid tests are provided at no cost.

How long does it take to complete the Laney Culinary Arts program?

Our Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management Degree and our Baking and Pastry Degree both take two years (four semesters) to complete, while our Culinary Foundations Certificate takes only one year (two semesters).

What does it cost to attend the Laney College Culinary Arts program?

At only $46 per unit, Laney College has one of the most affordable culinary arts programs in the Bay Area. We also have many grants and financial aid opportunities to low-income students. Many students attend Laney Culinary at no cost.

Who can I talk to for more information about the program?

For more information about our cooking courses or Laney Bistro, contact Laney Culinary Department Chair, Chantal Martin at