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Laney College offers two majors in the Culinary Arts. These two-year certificate programs provide students the practical knowledge, skills and experience to succeed in creative and rewarding careers in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Laney College Culinary Arts programs are more than just cooking classes. Courses are led by trained and experienced professionals and approved by industry organizations like the Retail Bakers Association (RBA) and the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

Already working in the industry? Upgrade your skills, improve your marketability and gain valuable supervised experience with a one year Culinary Foundations Certificate.

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Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify.

Laney College Culinary Arts FAQs

Is your cooking school open to the public?
Laney College has one of the few Restaurant Management programs in the Bay Area and a world-class Baking and Pastry program. It is home to the highly acclaimed Laney Bistro Restaurant, which is operated by the students in the Restaurant Management program. The largest of the four Peralta Community College District campuses, Laney serves approximately 16,000 students annually. To enroll in the Culinary Arts program, you will need to be a registered student. To apply and enroll, you can visit the Peralta Colleges enrollment page for more information. 

What are your COVID Safety protocols?
Laney College and the Culinary Arts department have implemented stringent safety and sanitation protocols. These protocols have allowed us to offer face-to-face, on-campus lab classes and we just wrapped up a deliciously healthy and Covid-free spring semester!

How long does it take to earn a Restaurant Management-Cooking Certificate from Laney College?
The Restaurant Management-Cooking certificate is a two-year (41-45 unit) program requiring a mix of lab instruction and online courses over the course of four college semesters. We meet on campus for lab instruction, practical experience and hands-on learning in a safe, clean environment, and online to cover concepts and foundational instruction. 

How long does it take to earn a Restaurant Baking & Pastry Certificate from Laney College?
Like the Restaurant Management Certificate course, the Baking & Pastry Certificate takes four semesters or approximately two years. Many students are actively employed in the restaurant industry while taking these courses. 

How long does the Culinary Foundations Certificate of Achievement take to complete?
The Culinary Foundations Certificate is a 16-unit certification and can be completed in an academic year or two semesters at our Laney College campus.

Can I get a job after I earn a Certificate?
The restaurant and hospitality industry continues to grow and change with almost limitless opportunities. Our graduates are in high demand and enter the workforce fully prepared to thrive in a kitchen, restaurant or bakery. Laney College of Culinary Arts prepares students for the real world challenges of the hospitality industry, giving them foundational skills and practical experience necessary for successful entry in the industry.

What does it cost to attend the Laney College Culinary Arts program?
Laney College tuition is considerably more affordable than many other culinary arts programs in the region. At only $46 per unit, it’s a wise financial decision. Grants and financial aid are also available to those who qualify. Visit the Laney College Admissions page to learn more and enroll today!

Who can I talk to for more information about the program?
You can contact Culinary Arts Department Chairs  Lorriann Raji or Chantal Martin if you need additional information about our cooking courses or restaurant and baking programs.

Baking and Pastry

The major in Baking and Pastry prepares students for employment in retail bakeries, as well as in industrial and commercial establishments as pastry cooks or bakers.

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Restaurant Management-Cooking

The major in Culinary Arts Restaurant Management provides students the practical cooking experience and technical theory for employment as cooks and managers in multiple culinary career paths, including: restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, catering, industrial production, cottage industries, and self-employment. During their studies, students demonstrate their capabilities in the operations and supervision of the Laney College Cafeteria and Bistro Restaurant.

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Culinary Foundations Certificate

This program teaches the fundamentals of cooking, culinary math, sanitation and preparation for work and careers in the culinary arts field.

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