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About Us

About Us


World class culinary education

Master the fundamentals of culinary arts.

The value of a Laney Culinary education is priceless.

Learn from acclaimed chefs and faculty at one of the most esteemed yet affordable culinary schools in Northern California.

Hands-on education.

We provide countless opportunities for hands-on learning. Develop the expertise and confidence to run a kitchen.

Accessible for everyone.

Our classes are only $46/unit. We offer substantial need-based financial support– many students attend at no cost.

Accelerate your career.

We have a vast professional network. We help our students intern at great restaurants, secure high-paying jobs, and open their own businesses.


Master culinary fundamentals, learn a diversity of techniques, and explore the cuisines of the world.

A.S. in Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management

This two year program will prepare you with the culinary and business skills you need to become a chef and manage a restaurant. Master fundamental cooking skills, learn international and contemporary American cuisine, and learn how to manage a business.

A.S. in Baking and Pastry

This two year program will teach you the fundamentals of becoming a pastry chef. Take classes in artisan bread making, traditional and contemporary desserts and pastries, cake decoration, candy, chocolate making, and more.

Culinary Foundations

This accelerated one year program is designed for anyone looking to hone their craft, from complete beginners to employed cooks. Develop your culinary skills by mastering foundational cooking techniques.


“I wouldn’t see myself running my own business without Laney Culinary.”
Chef Aaron
Founder of MexiQ

“It helped me redefine what I had already learned. I had come from being in restaurants to culinary school. Coming here and getting that foundation played a major role in what I do now. The chefs here at Laney were always great and always willing to answer any questions I had.”

“They’re 100% committed to seeing
you do well.”
Chef Ayesha Abdullah
Founder of Round Midnight

“What brought me to Laney College was my desire to start cooking professionally. I didn’t have any experience, so I decided to use Laney to start my culinary career. I believe if you work hard, you’re going to go really far. One of the things that happened to me in the program was I got an opportunity to intern at Chez Panisse. ”