Laney College

Anthropology Degree

Anthropology Degree

Degree Major Requirements

Course # Course Title Units
ANTHR 1 Introduction to Physical Anthropology 3
ANTHR 2 Introduction to Archaeology
and Prehistory
ANTHR 3 Introduction to Social and
Cultural Anthropology
Select 3 units minimum from the following
ANTHR 1L Physical Anthropology Laboratory 3
MATH 13 Introduction to Statistics  4
SOC 120 Introduction to Research Methods  3
Choose 1 course from the following (3 units)
ANTHR 7 Magic Religion and Witchcraft 3
ANTHR 14 American Mosaic The Cultures
of the Unites States
ANTHR 19 Anthropology of Sex and Gender  3
ETHST 13 Introduction to Community Based Research in Urban America   3
HUMAN 40 Religions of the World  3
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology  3
Total Major Units: 20
IGTEC or CSU GE-Breadth Education Pattern 37-39
CSU Transferrable General Elective Courses to meet 60 units
Total Units 60

Courses may be applied to Associate Degree General
Education requirement.

For Associate Degree General Education requirements,
refer to page 100.