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Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources


Bloom’s Taxonomy: CurricUNET Chart provides verbs which can be useful for the“exit skills” section of the course outline – cognitive, affective, and psychomotor outcomes, particularly those from the higher three levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, which relate to higher order critical thinking.

C-ID Numbering System SB 1415– developed to ease the transfer/articulation burdens in California’s higher educational institutions.

About C-ID – “a faculty-driven system to assign numbers to significant transfer courses, and a response to needs of transfer partners and their transfer initiatives,” e.g. SB 1440/Transfer Degrees. TMC (Transfer Model Curriculum) and Descriptors – “are offered to encourage wider articulation and to expand the lower division curricular offerings and thereby increase the variety—and ensure the rigor—of our many Community College courses.”

Laney College currently has 159 courses C-ID approved and 23 transfer degrees as of  November 2023.
C-ID/TMC Policies and Resources
C-ID Handbook (September 2022)
1. CCCCO Program and Course Approval Handbook 8th ed.

2. PCAPH(Program and Course Approval Process Handbook), 4th ed., 2018 (For Faculty & Administrators)

3. PCCD (Peralta Community College District) Documents. Guidelines to Implement for Associate Degrees and Certificates (Administrative Procedure 4100) October 2022


UC & CSU CURRICULUM RESOURCESUC-TCA (University of California-Transferable Course Agreement) Defined

CSU Transferability Defined


 CSU (California State University) Executive Orders

E.O. 167 Transfer of Credit (revised August 22, 2023)

E.O. 1100 CSU GE Breadth Requirements (revised December 3, 2020) with the Area F/Ethnic Studies 5 Core Competencies inclusion (scroll down)

E.O. 1100 CSU-GE Breadth Requirements FAQs (latest version, May 10, 2019)

E.O. 1061 US History, Constitution & American Ideals (CSU Graduation Requirement)

IGETC Standards, version 2.4 (released June 2023)

Summary of Changes from IGETC Standards 2.4 (released June 2023)