Asian & Asian American Studies Degrees


Core Courses (6 units): Complete two required courses

  • ASAME 045A: Asian-American History to 1945
  • ASAME 035: Women of Color*
    • If you are also pursuing the Ethnic Studies transfer degree, Women of Color is a required course

Arts and Humanities (3 units): Select a minimum of one course from the following list 

  • ASAME 010 Asian and Asian American Popular Culture
  • ASAME 030 Asians and Asian-Americans Through Films

Social Sciences and History (6 units): Choose two courses from this list 

  • ASAME 002: Introduction to the Pacific Islander Experience from 1850 to the Present
  • ASAME 021: Asian-American Communities
  • ASAME 032: Asian-American Psychology
  • ASAME 042: Southeast Asians in the United States
  • ASAME 045B: Asian American History From 1945 to the Present

Comparative Courses (3 units): Choose 1 from this list (Ethnic Studies 1 recommended)

  • ETHST 001: Introduction to Ethnic Studies
    • If you are also pursuing the Ethnic Studies transfer degree, ETHST 001 is a required course
  • ETHST 003: Race, Gender and Sports
  • ETHST 012: Economics and Social Change: Racial Conflict and Class in America
  • ETHST 013: Introduction to Community Based Research in Urban America
  • ETHST 014: Community Building and Transformation in Urban America
  • ETHST 030: Introduction to Race, Gender and Health
  • ETHST 050: Introduction to Race, Class and Schools

Total Major Units: 18 units

For Associate Degree General Education requirements, make an appointment with a Laney counselor on the 3rd floor of the Laney Tower

*:Students may substitute AFRAM 035 OR MLAT 035 OR NATAM 035 for ASAME 035, but ASAME 035 is preferred.