Laney College Chemistry Department




The chemistry curriculum offers a selection of courses designed to prepare students for further studies in the sciences (such as chemistry, biology, physics, or engineering), and professional careers (such as medicine, nursing, dental hygiene, dentistry, physical therapy, and pharmacy).

Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor or a chemistry faculty member for guidance in course preparation and selection.

Chemistry classes are in-person!

We are delighted to be back teaching in-person classes! All chemistry classes at Laney will have in-person lectures and labs.

Many classes at Laney will still be online, so here are some other resources for online classes:

Laney has excellent Online Student Services. We also encourage you to take some time looking at the student resources that are available to all students in Peralta at this link: Peralta Student Resources – the Modules view gives you a good overview of what’s there. Also, this following website includes some great Tips for Success for Online Learning.

Which Chemistry course should I take?

Guidelines for Chemistry Students – Which course to take?

For information about specific Chemistry Courses see the link on the left side of the page.  Chemistry Tutoring is available through the Laney Tutoring Resource Center Рcheck the website for more details.

Tutoring Resource Center

How to prepare for CHEM 1A

Take CHEM 30A or the new online general chemistry preparation course: Peralta ALEKS Prep Course Quick Start Guide for 2022