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Macbeth: A Laney Theatre ZoomZine

Macbeth: A Laney Theatre ZoomZine

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Nov 19, 2021
3:00pm-4:30pm Description
900 Fallon Street Oakland, CA 94607

In the Spring 2020 Semester, The Covid-19 Virus forced all Laney College classes into distance learning

Rather than let Covid-19 shutter the production, Laney’s Theater & Media Communication Departments joined forces to create a Zoom performance of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. The play is presented with an experimental Graphic Novel look, what the school has dubbed a “ZoomZine”. The play was entirely rehearsed and recorded via zoom with the theater actors in front of green screens. The Media students then provided the post production to fill the green screens, adding music & sound effects.

Join us on November 19 from 3pm-4:30pm for a showing with a live Q&A at the end in the Laney theater or on YouTube Live (

For a glimpse of the magic, checkout the Macbeth Trailer:

Or to see a full explainer video of the play, please watch Macbeth behind the scenes: