Laney College



With the economy struggling, community colleges are serving more students with fewer resources.  Laney College is facing converging enrollment demand from high school graduates, students redirected from enrollment-constrained four-year universities, returning veterans, and the newly unemployed.

As we reduce our budget, we are working hard to protect core programs and preserve as many classes as possible in transfer education, basic skills and career & technical programs.  We are joining our sister colleges to fight for federal and state funds to adequately serve our students.  More important, we are expanding our own revenue pie and not battle over the same slice in Washington and Sacramento.

Laney has always sought alternative funding because there were never enough dollars to meet our needs. We have secured about $7 million worth of grants in 2008 – 2009.

Now, we must redouble our efforts in grants development, corporate donations, distance education, college foundation, and fundraising activities. We must also explore revenue diversification, including fee-based courses and alumni association.