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group projects summary outline-fall-13


explore the diseases of breast and prostrate cancer with this study guide


Chapter 1, Wellness Overview

The powerpoint describes wellness, healthy people 2010 and other wellness issues


chapter 2, physical wellness

safety and sleeping


Chapter 2, Physical Wellness, part I

Discusses: exercise


Chapter 3 , dental section

tips on dental health


Chapter 3 part I, Nutrition

Discusses the food pyramid, emotional eating, elimination and much more


Chapter 3, part II, Stress

What is stress and how to manage it


Chapter 4, Heart

What is the heart, how it functions and how to prevent diseases of the heart


Chapter 5 Tobacco and your Respiratory System

Learn about the respiratory system and how tobacco can damage it.


Chapter 6 – Addictions

Discusses causes of various types of addictions and treatments.


Chapter 6- objectives

Discusses Folasade’s story, assertiveness, depression and anxiety


Chapter 6, Mental-Emotional Health

Focuses on Self esteem issues


Chapter 7, Health Behaviors vs. Alcohol and Drugs

Explores drinking alcohol among college students and other. drugs


Chapter 8, meditation

explores Meditation


Chapter 8, Spiritual Wellness

Objectives and intro to the subject of Spiritual Wellness


Chapter 10, Sexual Wellness

Discusses the elements of sexual health.


Chapter 11 AIDS and HIV

Discusses history, signs and symptoms of AIDS and HIV


Chapter 16 Death, Dying and Grief

Students will be able to define grief and learn about how to handle death.


Diabetes, Chapter14

Discusses what Diabetes is and how to manage it.



Explores what drugs are and what common drugs are used by college students.


Emotional – Mental Health ….part II


Emotional-Mental Health- How To Grow a Second Skin For Your Soul

About emotional healing and health, part I


Final paper check list


Final Paper Outline

This outline will prepare you for the final paper.


Group Assignment Evaluation form


Social Wellness, Chapter 8

What is social wellness and how can you improve it.