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Industrial Maintenance Program

Industrial Maintenance Program

Laney College now offers a 9-month, 29.5-unit certificate program in industrial maintenance.

This certificate will allow successful students to gain entry to a demanding and rewarding career in the field of industrial maintenance. This is a multi-disciplinary program that gives students hands-on training in machining, welding, electricity and blueprint reading. Math and English skills are taught in context to support student learning in these core subjects. This stackable certificate will prepare students for entry-level jobs in this industry or ready them for a second year certificate.

This is a full-time program from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The Fall program starts late August and ends mid-December. The Spring term begins middle of January and ends late-May. The Spring semester may include Saturday and/or evening classes. The certificate can also be earned by taking individual classes outside of the cohort in either day or evening classes.

Industrial Maintenance Technicians maintain and repair the machinery used in such industries as oil refineries, manufacturing, water distribution and shipping. These industries anticipate a strong demand for technicians over the next decade. Entry level jobs start at $40,000 per year. With 5 years of experience, average salaries in this field can be $80,000 per year with salaries increasing depending on the company and experience levels.

For more information, please contact:

Louis Quindlen
Department Chair Machine Technology
Laney College
510-464-3444 (shop)
510-846-4607 (cell)