Laney College

Moodle-Student Interface

Moodle-Student Interface

Moodle is the name of the student interface for the Peralta colleges. I will be using this site to provide sourse information for my students for all of my students. It is mandatory that you log in to use the class. Depending on the course, you will have quizzes to complete or discussions to take part in. I will also use it to provide you with suggested study questions and PowerPoint Notes. Also, for my Anatomy and Physiology clsas, the lab assignments and answer keys will be posted there.
Here is a quick video

To log on you will need to know your student ID # and the log in number for passport.

Say my Passport ID is JoPo7890 and my student id is 12347890. My log on would be user Name:jojo7890 Your password is now your birth date. (The video is wrong. They changed it after I made the video)

Your first assignment is the due on the first week of class. So log in as soon as possible. (In otherwords, I am bribing you with points to be sure you can log in.)

If you have any problems, contact the distance education help desk