LABST Scholarships

Scholarships for Labor Studies Majors

Check back for an update.  We have a few and you apply in early April.

Available Scholarships

The Labor Studies Program at Laney College administers several annual awards to Labor Studies students.  The awards are applied for with a combination application available in the Spring semester each year and selections are made by a committee drawn from faculty and the labor movement.

THE DOROTHY “DODDIE” GIFFORD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP: Two awards of $250 each are granted each year to Laney Labor Studies students.  The late Doddie Gifford was a long-time member of the Peralta Community College District Board of Trustees from Laney’s district.  She took special interest in the Labor Studies Program and served as an ex-officio member of the Advisory Committee for many years, holding the title of Honorary Chair.  She was widely known as the “Godmother of Labor Studies” and helped build the program.  The scholarships come from a fund established by the Central Labor Council of Alameda County, AFL-CIO, with a generous donation from Judge Jack Gifford.

COALITION OF LABOR UNION WOMEN: One award of $200 will be granted to a woman Laney Labor Studies student.  CLUW is a national organization of union members that works to promote participation of woman in their unions, affirmative action in the workplace, political action and legislation, and organizing unorganized women workers.

ANNA LOS AND JOHN LOS LABOR STUDIES SCHOLARSHIPS: Two Awards of $200 each are  awarded to Labor Studies Students at the three Bay Area Community College Labor Studies programs. Anna Los was born in Poland and emigrated to Chicago with her new husband in 1912. She worked in the clothing industry.  A 39-year member of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers, she received a union pension at 65 that, with social security, helped her survive to age 88.  John Los brought his bride from Poland at age 24.  He worked in Chicago’s steel mills and stock yards, and later on the waterfront as a casual worker.  He suffering leg ulcers.  The Great Depression hit when he was 40 years old and he never secured a full-time job again.  He died at age 68, subsisting on Social Security alone; he never earned a pension.  The scholarships were established by their daughter, Jane Los.

DANIEL FERREIRA MEMORIAL LABOR STUDIES AWARD: IATSE member Daniel Ferreira, an ardent Labor Studies student and graduate, died prematurely and left a bequest to the Laney College Labor Studies Program.  Through the year 2006, Labor Studies faculty annually select a deserving student who best exemplifies the ideals and goals for which Dan Ferreira fought.  The annual award is for $100.

MEMORIAL LABOR STUDIES AWARD: This is a new scholarship in formation.  We will have more info posted soon.