Laney College

Culinary 207 International Patisserie

This class meets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  from 7:30- 12:20.

There are 10 written assignments in this class, including Book Report

We  spend the first hour in lecture/demo and then make a variety of pastry from around the world

The Commonwealth (3  weeks)

Desserts served for high tea

Scandinavia (1 week)
  •  Princess Cake with marzipan
France ( 5 weeks)
  • Napoleon, Mousse Cake, Petite Four
Italy (2 weeks)
  • Tiramisu, Biscotti, Canoli
The Austro-Hungarian Empire ( 2 week)
  • Sacher-Torte, Dobosh
The Mediterranean  (1 week)
  • Assorted Baklava, Mammoul, Barzak