Management & Supervision

Management & Supervision

Management and Supervision program is designed to increase working knowledge and develop or enhance current skills of enrolled students currently in management and supervision positions or aspire to become a manager or supervisor in the business, government or non-profit sectors. The program of study combines management theory with day-to-day practical application. Classwork provides an opportunity for actual performance as well as the development of supervisorial and management skills.


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Job Outlook

Administrative Services Managers

Employment of administrative services managers is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Administrative tasks, including facility management and records and information management, will remain important in a wide range of industries.

A continuing focus on the environmental impact and energy efficiency of buildings will keep facility managers in demand. Improving energy efficiency can reduce costs and often is required by regulation. For example, building codes typically ensure that buildings meet environmental standards. Facility managers will be needed to oversee these improvements in a wide range of areas, from heating and air-conditioning systems to roofing. In addition, facility managers will be needed to plan for natural disasters, ensuring that any damage to a building will be minimal and that the organization can get back to work quickly.

“Smart building” technology is expected to affect the work of facility managers over the next decade. This technology will provide facility managers with timely and detailed information, such as equipment failure alerts and reminders to perform maintenance. This information should allow facility managers to complete their work more efficiently.

Records and information managers also are expected to see employment growth. Demand is expected to be particularly strong for those working in “information governance,” which includes the privacy and legal aspects of records management. As cloud computing and mobile devices become more prevalent, records and information managers will have a critical role in helping organizations develop new records and information management practices and in maintaining data security.

Job Prospects

Applicants will likely face strong competition for administrative services management jobs. However, an increase in the expected number of retirements in upcoming years should produce more job openings. Find out more information please visit Bureau of Labor Statistics website.