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Allen Nicol

Physics 4A, 4B, 4C

Physics is everywhere, and I have been teaching Physics and Astronomy at Laney Community College ever since 1995.  I have loved science ever since I was a kid, and I may have driven my friends a bit crazy with my enthusiasm for everything science and math.  I attended the University of Utah at Salt Lake City and graduated in 1984 with BA degrees in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.  Then I moved on to graduate school in Physics at the University of California at Berkeley, and completed my PhD graduate research at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, where I worked as a graduate researcher with the TPC/Two-Gamma high energy particle physics experiment based at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.  I feel very fortunate to work as a teacher at Laney College.  I really enjoy teaching and discussing physics, and being able to work with and help prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers.  In my courses I work towards making physics as clear and understandable as possible, while teaching at a high level. Students have reported back to me, letting me know that they are well-prepared for their upper division courses at their transfer colleges and universities.

FacultyCourses TaughtCatalog numbersOfficePhone
Allen NicolGeneral Physics, General Physics with CalculusPHYS 3A/B, 4A/B/CA
Andrew FittingoffIntroduction to Physics,
Descriptive Astronomy
Crystal LeeA
Mike BollingerA
Mehrdad MohebiGeneral Physics with CalculusPHYS 4A/BA
Rosa AlvisGeneral Physics with CalculusPHYS 4A/BA
Staff MemberTitlePhone
Seth SilbermanScience Laboratory Coordinator3270, 3271A 235A (inside A 236)