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Chapter 02

Chapter objectives: Chapter 2 objectives

Brown & Lemay Notes: B&L Chapter02

Periodic table data link: You need this for Chapters 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13


Chapter related handouts and worksheets: Supplemental problems (optional!)

  1. CH 2 development of atomic theory CH 2 development of atomic theory
  2. Atomic math with answers: CH 2 atomic math
  3. Periodic table worksheet: CH 2 Peroidic table
  4. Isotopes and % abundance: Isotopes and Atomic Weight
  5. J.J. Thomson’s Experiment
  6. Millikan’s Oil Drop
  7. Geiger/Marsden Experiment (Rutherford Gold Foil)
  8. A star is born (or cake?)
  9. Element Maze: element maze

Nomenclature handouts

  1. Fill in periodic table ws:  CH 2 ions on PT
  2. Formula building: CH 2 Formula building & AK
  3. Ions to know for the test:  CH 2 anions to know
  4. Ions on the periodic table:  CH 2Common Charges of Monatomic Cations and Anions
  5. Handouts that summarize nomenclature with practice:  CH 2 100 comp’s,  CH 2 100 comp’s AKCH 2 acid naming
  6. Nomenclature handouts that are helpful:  Nomenclature Worksheet Part 2 Nomenclature Worksheet Part 1
  7. The Hill system: carbon atoms are first, then hydrogen the alphabetical order.  If nos carbon or hydrogens are present, then elements are alphabetical, or so sez Mr. Google.

Chapter Drills:  Chapter 02 Drills

Chapter related links:

  1. What are those elements used for? Elements_PicsWords_