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Chapter 03

Chapter objectives: Chapter 3 objectives

Brown & Lemay Notes: B&L Chapter03

Chapter related handouts and worksheets:

  1. Balancing Equations ws 01 balancing equations
  2. Mole Concept: Mole Concept Problems
  3. Molecular, molar masses, Avogadro’s number, and the amuAtomic mass conversions copy
  4. Combustion Analysis and formulas: (will repost with answers)  Combustion problems
  5. Stoichiometry: answers to follow ws 04 stoichiometry
  6. Empirical formula worksheet answers are footnoted and correct 3/18 EMPIRICAL FORMULA WORKSHEET
  7. Study Concepts: chapter 3 concepts
  8. WS 2 Stoichiometry: ws 02 Stochiometry
  9. You will refer to this often: the Big Picture

Chapter 03 drills chapter 03 drills