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Weekly 411

Agendas list weekly activities for the forthcoming week. They have announcements and information about exams, quizzes, handout assignments, and labs.  The calendar is tentative.  The agenda is timely. Due dates are posted on Canvas Calendar. However, the agenda is the document that I use to collect all the due dates, assignments, announcements, etc.

Most current week is at the top of the list in Black; past weeks at the bottom in orange. Weeks not yet covered are light grey.

Week 14 Exam time coming up yayayy

Week 15 One more week!  EXAM THURSDAY

Week 16  Last week of school

WEEK17: Final is on Tuesday at 9 am FINAL REVIEW SHEET

Week 1: Every week, by Saturday evening, a new agenda will be posted.  This is your first agenda

Week 2 Please read the agenda.  You will need some handouts read BEFORE you come to class.  I have listed the reading assignments for you. Formatting the lab reports is an important part of your grade. 

Week 3 You will need the pre-lab in your lab book BEFORE you come to class. The pre-lab is due at noon so I can give you some feedback for Exp. 3 for the following week.  If your pre-lab is late, you will lose a substantial part of the grade.  If you do no pre-lab, you can’t do lab.  It is the sad chemistry teacher who can’t spell periodic.  OPPSY

Week 4 Two labs this week; the pre-labs give you spacing guidelines.  I will check the pre-lab for Experiment 3 on TuesdaWeek 5y. I will check the pre-lab for Experiment 6 on Thursday

Week 5 Review in lab on Tuesday, Exam on Thursday in Lecture Hall.  Seating will be assigned. No graphing calculators or translators.  Your backpack or book bag will be up front with me.

Week 6 Please read the pre/post lab sheet for Experiment 6.  It gives spacing information for the lab.  You need to allow for the space for the next lab which is Dry Lab LR I for this Tuesday.  Spacing the labs effectively is part of the grade.  Parts of the Limiting Reagent Dry Lab will be done in your lab book when you turn it in. Space accordingly.  Experiment 8 aligns with sections 4.1-4.3 in the textbook.  Read ahead, it helps.

Week 7 Please read ahead.  We are doing two labs this week.  Plan accordingly.  Report sheet for 9 is at the printer. The labs coordinate with concepts studied in Chapter 4

Week 8 The experiment for the next two lab meetings will be Exp. 20.  Please read ahead and plan accordingly.  Exam is coming!! Creating answer key for LR dry lab and for LR solutions-to be posted.  

Week 9 Exam 2 is coming up!!   I will repost with the mastering due dates

Week 10 It’s exam time!! There will be assigned seating.  You will lose points for sitting in the wrong seat. The exam will be in rooms A235 and A236.  Consider bringing a sweater incase it gets cold, a snack, and ear plugs for noise (if any).  

Week 11Test corrections due on the 9th. We are doing Part 1 of experiment 15.

Week 12 The assignment for Hess’s Law is presented with how to turn the problem in.  Please write the steps and follow the model.  If you are looking for the handout, look no further! You can find it in lecture handouts-chapter 5.  Just to make sure, we are doing Exp. 13.2!!

Week 13 handouts will be made for lecture and lab.