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Line Emission Spectra, Flames Tests, Spectral “Math”

Exp. 19: Line Emission Spectra, Flames Tests, Spectral “Math”, and Background Reading.

  1. Pre-lab: Pre-lab questions are located on the pre-lab.  Hint to answering the questions: read the instructions for the lab and the other handouts: Exp. 19 pre-lab
  2. Exp. 19 instructions: 19 Line emission spectra
  3. Exp 19 Report Sheet:Rpt.19 Emission Spectra, word Rpt.19 Emission Spectra  , PDF
  4. General Information about PES: ChemAct_07
  5. If you want more background: L7_Photoelectron_Spectroscoopy

Additional reading and work sheets for the lab:

  1. Photoelectric effect: Answer #2, #3, #6 (these are most like test questions) on binder paper: WS – Photoelectric Effect 2
  2. Organization of electrons: Again, ask this on Exams: Organization of electrons using the ‘Periodic table for subshells ws’
  3. Chemical Activity: Read the text, answer the selected questions.
  4. Various spectra for your viewing pleasure: various spectra