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Laney Summer Institute

Laney Summer Institute (LSI)

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The Career Education Division at Laney College (Oakland) offers career exploration programs for interested high school students in the Bay Area.

The programs are 6 weeks long and are focused on informing students about different career pathways through fun hands-on activities. We have “priority” programs for high school students, as well as regularly-scheduled introductory classes. All of these courses meet during the standard Laney summer term (June 13 – July 22nd, 2022)

Program highlights:

  • Explore career interests,
  • Develop new skills,
  • Get hands-on experience in subjects that might not be offered in your High School,
  • Meet other students with similar interests
  • Get a taste of college classes, &
  • Earn college credit.

Taking part in a summer program is also a plus on UC/CSU college applications.

Did I mention classes are FREE to High School students!?
** Incoming 9th graders also qualify to participate in these programs.

If you missed the online orientation, please watch this video recording for the Summer Institute. This will give you information on what to expect for the first week of school.
For questions, please contact us at

To sign up, please submit your interest below:

** 1) Introduction to Electronic Music and MIDI (hybrid) (CANCELED)

Class Code: MUSIC 147 (3 units)
Dates: TTh (Hybrid)
Time: Lec TTH 1:00 PM -4:00 PM | Lab online asynchronous (3hours)
Location: Laney-TBD

Instructor: Kevin Martin
Cost: FREE (high school students only):

Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations and MIDI: Basic concepts of synthesis, sampling, and MIDI sequencing; compositions related to electronic music techniques.
Participating Departments: Music Department

** 2) Survey of Mass Media (Hybrid)

Class Code: JOURN 62 (2 units)
Dates: M (12:00 PM- 3:00 PM In person) | W (12:00 PM-3:00 PM synchronous) | Asynchronous – 2.75 hours (Online self paced)
Location: Laney-G266

ontact:  Brian Krans
Cost: FREE (high school students only):
*Transferable to a four-year college (UC and CSU).

Survey of traditional and non-traditional mass media in America: Impact of mass media trends and technology into the 21st century; critical analysis of media messages and examination of mass media from historical, political, social, and cultural perspectives.
Participating Departments: Journalism

​​** 3) Electric Bicycles Project (In-Person) 

Class Code: EET 203 (3 units
Dates: MTWTh (In-person)
Time: Lec 9-10:50 | Lab 11-11:30 and 1-2:35
Location: Laney-B130

Instructor: Frank Ko
Cost: FREE (high school students only):

Have fun learning how to convert your bicycle to an E-BICYCLE. Join this special training and see how we will bring together different fields such as electrical technology, engineering, chemistry, and physics to convert a pedal bicycle to an electric bike in this fun project. You’ll learn to apply electrical concepts to circuits, measurement of voltage, principles of solar electricity development, energy storage systems, and principles of motors.
Participating Departments: Electrical and Electronics Department


** 4) Cosmetology (In-Person: OUSD students only) 

Class Code: COSM 245 (2 units)
Dates: W (In-person)
Time: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: Laney-B100

Instructor: Simmons-Windham, Sydney Leona Christal, Toshia N
Cost: FREE (high school students only)

A career in cosmetology can lead to a variety of professions in the beauty industry. In this engaging course, you will learn the basic theory of selected cosmetology services. Students will practice hands-on applications of several cosmetology services. Also, the course will discuss the career paths of a hairstylist, esthetician, and manicurist.
Participating Departments: Cosmetology

** 5) Digital Media (Online) 

Class Code: MEDIA 299 (0.5 units)
Dates: TTh June 13 – July 21
Time: 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Location: Online

Instructors: Noemi Zeigler, David S. Santamaria
Cost: FREE (high school students only):

Introduction to the Digital Media Industry: Planning a video production; scripting, cameras and microphones, audio, editing, dynamic effects, distributing to a web page.
Participating Departments: Media Communications

** 6) iDesign (In-person) (Full)

Class Code: CARP 255 (0.5 units) | WDTEC 255 (0.5 units) | WELD 255 (0.5 units)
Dates: WTh (In-person)
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Location: CARP 255 (G160) | WDTEC 255 (G160) | WELD 255 (F150)

Instructors: Karl Seelbach, Andrew Prober, Javier Valencia
Cost: FREE (high school students only):

Roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of construction! In this immersive course, you will gain an understanding of the construction process from design to finish and, explore career pathways within Wood Tech, Carpentry, and Welding. This innovative class will broaden your thinking of the technologies of the future!
Participating Departments: Carpentry, Wood Technology, Welding

** 7) Culinary Arts Fundamentals (In-person: OUSD students only ) 

Class Code: CULIN 212 (4 units)
Dates: MTWTh (In-person)
Time: Lec 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM | Lab 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: Laney-Lec E105 Lab E102

Instructor: David Chavez

Introduction to culinary principles: Ingredient identification and uses, knife skills, cooking techniques, instruction and practice in safety and sanitation, navigating a commercial kitchen and equipment, professionalism, and making delicious food.
Participating Departments: Culinary Arts


——— Regularly scheduled Laney COURSES ———


Regularly scheduled classes  TBD (CHECK BACK LATER, OR SIGN UP above to get updates. We will be holding online classes but the final list of classes has not been determined)

The courses below are regularly scheduled Laney summer courses open to all (including high school students). We’ve selected these as great courses for young adults to learn more about these careers. All of these courses meet during the standard Laney summer term (June 13 – July 22nd, 2022). These do NOT require a special application. 

  1. Everyone needs to register to get a Peralta ID number.
    • Note: If you already have a Peralta ID, but it’s been longer than one year since you’ve taken a class, you’ll need to go online and reactivate your student ID number. 
  2. For high school students, while you can get your Peralta ID online, unfortunately, you can NOT enroll for the class online. You need to enroll in-person at the Laney Admissions Department, room A-109. Before you do, fill out and get all the signatures on the High School Enrollment Form and bring that with you. As a high school student, you will get free tuition!


COURSE    DESCRIPTION  (Units | Class code | Time | Room )
Class days/times can be found in the Laney Schedule.
Or PDF version.

Summer courses begin June 13th

ARCH 104A    Beginning CAD (3)
ART 20            Beginning Drawing and Comp. (3)
ART 50            Beginning Painting (3)
ART 80            Beginning Ceramics (3)
ART 100          Beginning Printmaking (3)
BIO 24             Intro to Anatomy and Physiology (4)
75             Fundamentals of Biotechnology (2)
CARP 211        Beginning Carpentry (3.5)
CONMT 10     Introduction to Construction Practices (3)
COSM 245      Intro to Cosmetology (2)
CULIN 203    Intro to Baking (4 Units | 30365 & 30366 | 8:00 a.m. – 2:20 p.m | Room: E118 )
CULIN 234    Intro to Cooking Techniques (4 units | 30436 & 30437 | 8 a.m. – 2:20 p.m. | Rm: Cafeteria)
DANCE 76    West African Dance 1 (1)
PHOTO 71     Intro to Digital Photography (3)

Application Deadline: Before the first class begins, but register soon because classes might fill up.


For students, teachers, counselors, parents who want to get on the mailing list for information about the summer institute and when applications are released, be sure and sign up at: