Umoja Practices & Principals


The Umoja Practices© weave together into a multi-colored fabric of community and connection. That fabric stretches to include students’ and educators’ lives at college campuses and beyond and are the foundation for all the Umoja Community affiliated colleges.  These practices are the foundation of the Affiliated College programs on California Community Colleges.

12 Student Commitments

  • 1.Participate in Umoja-UBAKA orientation in a group or individual meeting with Umoja staff.
  • 2.Enroll in Umoja-UBAKA classes until the completion of certificate or transfer-level courses or until I have completed all available Umoja-UBAKA classes (if possible). Attend your Umoja classes and complete assignments by due date.
  • 3.Meet with the Umoja-UBAKA Counselor at least 2 times each semester to discuss educational and career goals. Keep a current educational plan on file. Keep all counseling appointments; notify counselor in advance if there is a dire need to reschedule.
  • 4. Participate in Umoja-UBAKA tutoring sessions or study in the Village during the semesters you are enrolled in Umoja classes.
  • 5. Participate and be actively involved in as many Umoja-UBAKA workshops or other program activities as possible and at least 3 each semester: Workshops, Community meetings, Umoja Student Leadership activities, Teach-In, etc.
  • 6. Utilize all relevant Student Services at Laney, including applying for Financial Aid by completing FAFSA & California Promise Grant forms, applying for EOPS, CARE, CalWORKs and SAS (if appropriate).
  • 7. Keep a CURRENT contact phone number, email address and physical address on file with Umoja-UBAKA at ALL times.
  • 8. Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA while striving for a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • 9. Attend at least one college tour or transfer workshop per year (when applicable).
  • 10. Attend Umoja Semester Welcome/Opening and Closing Ceremonies (if at all possible).
  • 11. Be my brother’s or sister’s keeper by keeping in contact with fellow Umoja-UBAKA students.
  • 12. Let instructors, counselors and Umoja-UBAKA staff know if you are facing challenges that are interfering with your school work.

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