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Welcome to my home page


Greetings all!  I will teach the following courses and look forward to meeting you online in the new semester:

Spring 2023 semester:

1. Bus. 1A-Financial Accounting

  • Class code: 22203
  • Format: face to face, Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 am-9:50 am in room F202
  • Prerequisite: none

2. Bus. 1B- Managerial Accounting

  • Class code: 21606
  • Format: 100% online
  • Prerequisite: Bus. 1A

3. Bus. 4- Cost Accounting (offer once a year in spring)

  • Class code: 21070
  • Format: 100% online
  • Prerequisite: Bus. 1B

4. Bus. 206-Certified Bookkeeper Exam Review (offer once a year in spring) 

  • Class code: 21433
  • Format: 100% online
  • Prerequisite: Bus. 1A or Bus. 20
  • See the attached flyer for detailed course information.

5. Bus. 456A- Occupational Work Experience in Accounting

  • Class code: 21599
  • Eligibility: When taking the course, students must be employed and working in a paid or approved non-paid voluntary job in occupational workplace fields in accounting, business, or related areas.
  • No textbook is required.
  • No regular scheduled classes to attend. Students meet with their Occupational Work Experience instructor once at the beginning of the semester and once at the end of the semester at mutually convenient times slated for student appointments. Furthermore, there are no classes to attend or research papers to complete.


Fall semester: 

Bus. 1A -Financial Accounting ( Two sections)

Bus. 1B -Managerial Accounting (Two sections)

Bus. 456A- Occupational Work Experience/Accounting


A note to all students registered for the online sections:

  • No campus orientation for the online courses. Please download and read the course syllabus carefully.
  • Peralta Community College District is using a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas!  All online students are required to login in Canvas website as soon as it is available to students. Here is the link, Click “students” and login using the same username and password as your Student Email. You will be logged in to your Apps panel. Click on the Canvas icon. Any support issues, please contact
  •  All online students must go through information provided in Peralta Student Resources for especially how to login in Canvas first time24/7 Helpline Canvas phone is (844) 600-4955. Only students who are officially enrolled the course in college system will be able to request a password to create a Canvas account through their peralta/campus email account as username.
  • All class communication will through email for online class. Make sure you update your email address in Student Passport System if you don’t use Peralta email.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Make sure you put your name and the course you are registered in the subject of the email.  I will make every effort to respond to emails with 24 hours, excluding breaks and weekends.


Class Enrollment
I do not have permission numbers to add students into any of my classes until the first week of the Semester. I cannot hold seats for students since the registration system is automatic. You need to check the Passport system often for availability. If you are on the waiting list, as long as there is any student drop from the course, the system register you based on the priority. Just a kindly reminder, being on the waiting list does not guarantee enrollment in the class.


Look forward to working with you all and thank you for choosing me as your instructor.


Good news: QuickBooks Certificate

Business Department are capable of providing testing for QuickBooks 2015 Certification at $150.00 per exam with one retake. If you decided to be certified in QuickBooks, please contact Business Department Network Coordinator James Tran at (510) 464-3593 or email him