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Welcome to Student Health Center!

Peralta Student Health Services is the primary source of medical care for all Peralta Community College students. Peralta Colleges Student Health Services is dedicated to assisting students to achieve and maintain optimum physical, mental and emotional health. We are committed to providing quality health care at a reasonable cost. Check us out on Facebook & Instagram @ Peralta Student Health Services to get the latest updates, medical tips and resources!


Laney Wellness Center I

Location: Laney Tower, Room 250

Phone: (510)464-3384

Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

First Aide Services include:

  • Supplies (Motrin, aspirin, extra strength Tylenol, antacids, condoms, feminine products, Band-Aids).
  • First aid, burns, cuts, abrasions falls
  • Respond to campus emergencies after incident is called to 510 466-7236
  • General Health Education, especially those struggling with asthma, chronic infections, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Laney Wellness Center II

Location: Laney Student Center, 4th Floor, Room SC-410

Phone: (510)464-3134

Medical Services: Healthy Communities Inc.

Nurse Practitioner: Yuting Wong

Medical Assistant: Ms. Cruz


Yuting Wong, RN, MSN


1 p.m.-5 p.m.

(Closed 12 p.m.-1 p.m. for lunch)


9 a.m.-5 p.m.


Ms.Cruz Medical Assistant


9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Medical Services include:

  • Eye Exam Voucher****
  • Pap Smears
  • TB testing (Tue)
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections Testing & Treatment
  • Health Education
  • Physical Exams (limited to job, volunteer, or college program placements)
  • Family Planning
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Flu Shots (seasonal)
  • Referrals for urgent care
  • Doctor visit
  • Insurance Eligibility Screening & Enrollment Services ( Thu); Cal Fresh (Food Stamp) program, Covered California, Medi-Cal
  • Resources and Referral Services

Acupuncture/Massage Services:

The Acupuncture/ Massage team is available every Thursday from 9-5 in the Laney Tower on the 2nd floor, Room 250. The Spring 2017 & Summer schedule is as follows:

February 2, 9, 16, 23; March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

April 6, 20, 27; May 4, 11, 18; June 22, 26; July 6, 13, 20, 27

To schedule an appointment go to http://ccacu.net/ or call please call (510)682-8030 .

PCCD students are allowed to schedule three appointments per semester of either acupuncture/ massage a month apart from one another.  Each session is 30 minutes long, fully clothed and oil free. Please arrive on time, because after 3 minutes your slot can be given to someone else. If you forgot or miss your appointment, unfortunately you can’t make an appointment in the future.


Insurance Eligibility Screening & Enrollment Services:

Are you in need of  health insurance? If so, John Holman, Patient navigator can assist with enrolling you into Medi-Cal, Covered California & Cal Fresh (formally known as food stamps). He is available at the Laney Wellness Center II every Thursday from 9 am-5 pm to discuss any health insurance questions or concerns.

Mental Health Services:

Are you stressed out and having trouble coping? Are you worried about your classes? Are you having trouble balancing your life’s activities and commitments?

Mental Health Counseling is available to all students at all campuses. All Peralta students are allowed to have 8-10 sessions with a mental health counselor/intern per semester. If a student would like to have more sessions, they will be referred to an Alameda County Mental Health resource. Appointments fill up fast, so book a appointment while they are still available. Students can contact:

Lisa Sawadogo , LPCC to schedule an appointment at (510)464-3535, or visit her at her office located in the Student Center on the 4th floor, Room 414.

Students may also contact Claire Crosetti, MA, MFT to schedule an appointment at (510)464-3139 or (510)464-3535

Mental Health Services Include:

  • Grief and loss
  • Frequent loss of temper
  • Relationship issues
  • Difficult Feelings
  • Or just need someone to talk to
  • Worrying or feeling anxious constantly

Eye Exam Vouchers 

Are you in need of eye glasses or contact lenses? Are you having trouble reading the white board?If you haven’t had an eye exam within the last two years, it is highly encouraged that you receive an eye exam to protect the power of your eye’s.

At all Peralta health centers, eye exam vouchers are available to Peralta students. The vouchers allows students to see Dr. Elsa Pao for a co-pay of $10 for the eye exam. After the eye exam, if contact lenses or eye glasses or needed I advise students to shop around for the best price for them. Dr. Elsa Pao will provide discounted glasses based on your prescription. But you can take your prescription to Costo, Walmart, etc. If you have any questions you may contact Laney Wellness Center I at (510)464-3384.


Other Services:

  • LGBTQ Support
  • Dental Resources Guide
  • Stress Management
  • Learning to Sleep Better

Upcoming Events:

Do you get stressed? Do you need help managing that stress? If so, Laney College Mental Health counselor Lisa Sawadogo is providing stress management strategies and self- care tips and resources on Tuesday April, 25, 2017 from 12-1 pm in the Student Center Room 401.

If you have any questions of inquiries, please contact Lisa Sawadogo at (510)464-3535 or lisasawadogo@peralta.edu

For input and suggestions on the development of this site, please contact  Director, Peralta Student Health Services, Indra Thadani at ithadani@peralta.edu or (510)464-3516.