ELL Healthcare Pathways

ESOL Health Navigation I & II

At Laney College, we offer ESOL courses to prepare you for training and jobs in healthcare.

Improve your English skills and learn how to navigate health services and careers in healthcare.

  • Talk to your doctor about your health and symptoms
  • Wellness, mental health, and self-care
  • Explore career and educational opportunities in the healthcare field
  • Patient and workplace communication
  • Computer and work skills
  • Job search and career planning

ESOL Health Navigation I & II are offered as credit and non-credit, which means classes can be free when taken as non-credit. Each class is 8 weeks long, and you will receive a certificate when you complete the two courses.

Pathway to Careers in Healthcare

There is a high demand for these careers, and you can get trained at the Peralta Colleges:

We collaborate with industry partners and Laney’s Employment Services to support you as you apply, interview, and get hired in a position in health care.

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