Student Projects


Daria Nikolaeva, Spring 2017.

Architectural Drafting and Design II

The Floating Arts Theater (FloAT) is a community group dedicated to providing an accessible and exciting space for artists and performers. The space must be flexible to accommodate different types of art and theater. The space will be used for temporary exhibits of art of many types. It may also be used for film showings, theatrical, and musical performances. Occasionally, the space may be used to host parties.

The concept of the project goes from an idea of framing life to transform it into a piece of art. Big red metal frame attracts attention from a long distance and organizes outdoor space. There is a water-wall with a small pool in the main space which can be a part of a performance. The amount of water can be regulated to protect the inner space from the midday sun. Frame-shape window looking towards Golden Gate Bridge supports the concept and opens a marvelous view of the bridge under the Sunset.