Instructors’ Credo

Instructors’ Credo

What is the job of the instructor?

•  To prepare students for the next step in their education (for example:  transfer to a four-year school, professional school in health care, etc.)

•  To facilitate and inspire each student’s best effort

•  To be fair, consistent and organized

•  To keep students informed of their progress, by giving feedback regarding exams/assignments in a timely manner

•  To challenge students to reach higher and farther than they thought they could

•  To promote academic honesty

We, as instructors, recognize that:

•  The best way for a student to succeed is to take responsibility for the learning experience.

•  A passing grade must mean the student is knowledgeable regarding the material of the course and is ready for the next step.

•  A student’s grade must reflect their abilities in regard to Student Learning Outcomes established for the course.

•  Instructors do not “give” grades, they are earned by the student through hard work.

•  Students must develop time management and study skills to be successful.

•  Students have other classes, family commitments and jobs, and they must find time for studying in their busy schedules in order to be successful.

•  Most students will not strive to exceed the expectations of the instructor, but most will strive to meet those expectations.  Thus, high expectations mean high achievement.

•  What is appropriate at one level of instruction is not necessarily appropriate at all levels.  For example, instructors of career-track and advanced level courses must have different expectations from instructors of general education courses.

•  Study groups are important, and we encourage students to work together in the learning process.

•  Students have a variety of learning styles.

•  We must provide excellent learning opportunities on a limited budget.