About the Department


The objectives of the Biology Department include providing introductory courses that meet requirements of AA and AS degrees, courses geared toward Biomanufacturing (including two Biomanufacturing  Certificates), transfer courses to four year schools, and prerequisites for professional schools (including programs for Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Radiology Technician, Physician Assistant, Dental, Dental Hygiene, Medical and Pharmacy).

In providing the above, we hope to…
•  meet the educational needs of the community by providing up-to-date programs and courses transferable to four-year institutions
•  allow students flexibility to earn degrees and certificates in select occupational and academic fields
•  allow students to expand their general knowledge and improve their position in the work force

The goal in all our courses is to…

•  prepare students for the next level
•  facilitate and inspire each student’s best effort
•  be fair, consistent and organized
•  challenge students to reach higher and farther than they thought they could

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